George Frideric Handel

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  • A Musician Is Born

    A Musician Is Born
    My name is George Frederic Handel. I was born at Halle, Germany on February 3, 1685. My parents have told me that I showed an inclination for music at a very early age. However my father family disapporved of this dream and encouraged him to be a lawyer instead. (cc)
  • Handeling Grammar School

    Handeling Grammar School
    When I was seven I was sent to Lutheran Grammar School. Here, I was taught some music and learned how to sing. Even though my family had such a deposition to music, I was exposed to music during school. (cc)
  • Handel begins to Learn

    Handel begins to Learn
    Under the influence of the duke, I was placed under the musical tuition of Friedrich Zachow, the organist of the Lutheran church at Halle. Although, my father still wishes for me to become a lawyer as is his right to wish. (cc)
  • Talent is Discovered

    Talent is Discovered
    I was about nine years old when my father brought me to Weissenfels, where I was required to attend on the Duke. One day I was allowed to play on the organ in the palace chapel. The Duke overheard the music and made enquiries as to who the player was, and at once urged on my father to allow me to start training for a musical career. (cc)
  • Pleasing the Old Handel

    Pleasing the Old Handel
    Right before my seventeenth birthday, I enroll as a law student of the University of Halle. Perhpas only to please my father. However, I was quickly noticed as a muscian of importance. (cc)
  • Handeling the Violin

    Handeling the Violin
    I arrived in Hamburg where I meat Johann Mattheson on July 2. I meat him at the church of St. Mary Magdalen. Through Mattheson in the autmn I entered the opera band as a second violinist. I was humble in my position as second. (cc)
  • Handel is lifted to London

    Handel is lifted to London
    After my long stay in Germany, I was ready for London again. I moved to London in 1712. I wished to launch my career in London. Here the manuscript of Il Pastor Fidoand the Rinaldo, the first of my new operas which I produced, is created. (cc)
  • Naturalization Ceremony!

    Naturalization Ceremony!
    On February 13, 1726, I was naturalised as an English citizen. I had every reason to regard England as the best place in which to live. I enjoyed the protection of the German court. George II and Queen Caroline were of much encouragement to me. (cc)
  • Operas, Oratorios and Music, OH MY!

    Operas, Oratorios and Music, OH MY!
    By 1741, I had writeen over forty operas. My last opera was called Deidamia. In the same year, although not my last, I wrote an oratorio, L'Allegro, Il Penseroso ed Il Moderato in London. (cc)
  • Oratorios Last.

    Oratorios Last.
    I wrote my last Oratorio in 1757. This piece of music is called Jeptha in 1752. I had written about thirty Oratorios in my lifetime. In this same year is when I began to have my first sign of blindness. (cc)
  • The Handel is locked.

    The Handel is locked.
    George Frederic Handel dies in London on April 14, 1759 at age 74 At his last concer, he was struck with a fainting attack, took to his bed, and died during the night of the 14th of April. He was buried in Westminster Abbey on the 10th of March in the eveing. There was said to be around three-thousand people present for the burial.Since he is dead, he was unable to write this event. (cc)
  • The last of Handels Work

    The last of Handels Work
    Handel writes his last instrumental music piece in this year. This piece is composed of Six Concertos. The concertos are to be played on the Harpsichord or Organ. This is the last of the last of Handels Music.