The History of the Net

  • Internet formed

    Internet formed
    Packet switching network first brought about the internet by sending small packets from one place to another with out any chamges to the document. This showed that there can be mutipule people using this one document but it will go unintruppted. And at this time computers were very large.
  • Period: to


    Packet switching was going on in Erope and began in the United States in 1968. At this time the first large internet was created for the us military, and e-mail was begining to get used
  • Personal Computers

    Personal Computers
    Personal computers were invented and expanded the internet greatly.
  • World wide web invented

    World wide web invented
    Tim Berners-Lee and his partner Robert Calliau dicoverd the world wide web
  • Mosaic

    First proper internet browser
  • Basic html

    Basic html
    Almost every site was using the basic html, although there were bad virusis going around on the computers, but sights like the white house and Pizza hut were created and AOL was one of the first companys offering internet access to people.
  • Internet is growing

    Internet is growing
    now internet is growing so greatly that it is used for educational purposes, business, socializing and much more