time line

By bbta209
  • My moms b -day

    nov. 7
  • parnet got married

    Parents got married 1991 march 2- went on a honey moon on a cruise
  • birthday

    I was born - February 2 1997 – I was born in Arlington Texas at 7:23 A.M. – My cousin was born 3 days before me, January 30 1997
  • started to walk

    Started to walk - I walked to my brother
  • new house

    summer, my parents moved into a bigger house- moved into a new house
  • cousin birthday

    My cousin Cody was born February 16 2002
  • First day of school

  • grandma has cancer

    Grandma got cancer at 64
  • two wheeled bike

    Learned to ride a 2 wheeled bike- July of 2004
  • my cousin ethans b- day

    My cousin Ethan was born November 13 2004
  • broken arm

    Broke my arm, 2005 spring- jumped off plat ground arm first.
  • got first iPod

    got ipod lost in a month later then got a another ipod and lost it
  • ran in race

    22 ran in a race and got 2nd place
  • get award in 4th grade

    got VFW award in 4th grade – best award in class
  • went to new york

    want to New York City for the first time for my 10th b - day
  • Want on a plane by myself

    Want on a plane by myself - to my grandmas
  • new laptop

    G0t my own laptop -2007 July 23
  • Got my first phone

    Got my first phone- December 17 first day of Hanukah
  • 23 want to first mavs game

    got free tickets from my dads friends
  • got top award in 6th grade

  • first day of junior high

    First day of junior high – 24 of august 2009
  • aunt what to jail