By bbta427
  • First Picture in Magazine

    My dad worked for a magazine and he put a picture of the Ultrasoind in. It was tiny, though.
  • I Was Born!

    A month early!
  • First Christmas

  • Used 1st laptop

    So advanced for 6 months...
  • First Plane Ride

    plane to Florida
  • First Taste of Coffe

  • First Funeral

    R.I.P. Grandpa Rach
  • 1st Word

  • 1st Halloween With Costume

  • Moved into New House in Wheeling Illinios

  • First Trick or Treat!

    I was a pumpkin!
  • 1st Dance

  • Moved to Burlison Texas with my Dad

    Mom was selling the house.
  • 1st Trip to Disney World

    Orlando, Florida!
  • Mom moved to Texas

    Someone finally bought the house.
  • Moved to Arlington Texas

  • Started Playing Cello

  • Got 3rd Chair Cello

    out of 3 cellos.
  • Graduated 6th Grade

  • 1st Concert

    Taylor Swift!!!
  • 1st Chair Cello

    a.k.a. one of the best days of my life.