By bbta304
  • Birth

    The day I was born
  • First Fight

    On the playground, a kid whose name I forgot slaped me on the back of the neck. So I pushed him down. But the teacher quickly broke it up. We had to apologize to each other.
  • First Baseball Game

    I played third base. We didn't know what to do but we played.
  • 2nd Brother Born

    Brayden born in Arlington TX
  • First Dollor

    I made it clening house, making beds, and doing dishes on my Dad's birthday.
  • 3rd Brother Born

    Dalton born in Arlington TX
  • First Day of School

    I was scared out of my life. I cried all day and everyone else was happy.
  • First Relitive Pass Away

    My Grandfather Bobby Boyd passes away.
  • First Detition

    To many sign-ins.
  • First Played Football Game

    I played lineman and it was fun.
  • Learned to Play the Violin

    Started in 5th grade.
  • Start of Weraing Glasses

    I was shocked. But strangly suprised to find it looked better. Like HD.
  • First C on Reportcard

    It was in math. I was pretty shocked. It freaked me out. On the 3rd six weeks.
  • First Broken Bone

    During a baseball tournament. The ball hit the inside part of the bat where my hands were. It cracked my ring finger on my right hand. I got a gutter splint and it was fine after 6 weeks.
  • Graduate From Elementary

    We had a party and everything.
  • Largest Amount of Money Made ($500)

    Won it playing BINGO with my Grandmother.
  • First day of JH

    I'll say this. I was scared but figured out that it was easy when you have friends.
  • Became a Quarterback

    Became a quarterback for Barnett Bears.
  • First Missed Day of School

    I was sick with some virus in 7th grade.
  • First Broken Wood Bat

    We were in a wood bat tournament in Crowley TX. The ball hit the neck of the bat. It then split all the way down to the nob.