Mother Teresa

By sdavis
  • Birth

    in what is now Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
  • joined the Congregation of Loreto in Dublin, Ireland

    stayed only a few weeks
  • left for the Himalayas in India

    this is not an exact date
  • made her temporary vows as a nun

    not sure of the date, but it was in 1931
  • permanent vows as a nun and takes the name "Teresa"

    not exact date, but was in 1937.
  • on a train ride she decided to drop out of the Loreto Nuns "the call within the call"

    on an overnight train ride.

    "I had to leave the cloister and help the poor by living among them"
    "I heard the call to give up everything and follow Christ into the slumbs, to serve Him among the poorest of the poor. I knew it was His will and I had to follow Him."
  • Left the Sisters of Loreto

  • founded the "Bearers of Christ's Love in the Slums"

    Later became known as the "Missionaries of Charity"
  • Won Nobel Peace Prize

  • MT writes a letter for peace to President Bush and President Saddam Hussein

    "You have the power to bring war into the world or to make peace. PLEASE CHOOSE THE PATH OF PEACE."
  • Death

    in Calcutta, India