27th Constitutional articule

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  • 1917, the creation of the Constitution of Mexico

    1917, the creation of the Constitution of Mexico
    In 1917 the Constitution of the Mexican United States was created, with it also 29 articles were created in charge of preserving the fundamental rights of Mexicans. One of this articule was the 27th in charge of preservan the land an seas as property of Mexico. Important Facts: Emiliano Zapata was the principal promotor of this law with the agrarian reform and with his famous phrase "Land and Liberty".
  • "The Ejido" 1920

    "The Ejido" 1920
    Without a doubt, the most important and lasting result of the agrarian reform of the Revolution was the creation and implantation of a new institution that from 1920 would be known as "the ejido." As a result of endowments and restitutions, today there are more than 30 thousand ejidos located throughout the country.
  • Important Fact About "The Ejido"

    The word "Ejido" was never metioned on the 27th articule. It has never been positivised on the Constitution but is used by very Town through the country.
  • The Reform of 1934

    The Reform of 1934
    Published on January of 1934, is the first modification to this articule The agrarian law is repealed and the way in which it should be referred to the towns and ranches is changed by the term "population core"
  • Reform of 1937

    Reform of 1937
    The aditions of the articule was:
    -the incorporation of the 56 Indian ethnic groups to the national project -The government crystallized demands that for years were unsatisfied, restoring to the populations some lands belonging to the populations of their ancestors -To expedite the resolution of conflicts of agrarian matter, the arbitration intervention of the Federal Executive was established and as an instance the SCJN and the Creation of the Department of Indigenous Education
  • The Reform of 1945

    The Reform of 1945
    The President Ávila Camacho, in this, the country's hydraulic policy is specified, proposing the control of the Nation over the waters, both of the seas, rivers, lakes, lagoons, estuaries and other tributaries to be destined for various public uses.
  • The Reform of the 1947

    The Reform of the 1947
    The principal ideas that this reform bring to this articule was: -Authorization of foreign States the acquisition of real estate in the place of residence of the federal powers, intended for the direct service of their embassies The Nation was exclusively granted the use, exploitation and exploitation of electrical energy
  • Carlos Salinas de Gortari Goverment

    Carlos Salinas de Gortari Goverment
    The most important atribution of this goverment to the articule was: -The concept of small rural property appears. -The agrarian actions of endowment, extension of lands and waters and that of the creation of new communal population centers are abolished. -The right granted to joint-stock companies is reinforced
    creation of agrarian courts for the defense of agrarian rights in the social sector.
  • Important Facts of the Carlos Salinas de Gortari Goverment

    Important Facts of the Carlos Salinas de Gortari Goverment
    The periods that influenced the transformation of Article 27 of the Constitution was that with President Salinas de Gortari the economic model of neo-liberalism was adopted, with which the peasant economy was conceived as deficient.
  • Interesting fact: EZLN

    Interesting fact: EZLN
    The EZLN was an armed movement based in Chiapas hit the same frase of Emiliano Zapata the father of the agrarian reform "land and free". It rises on January 1, 1994 during the signing of the FTA, securing the foreign relations of Mexico and violating national security, the government of Carlos Salinas repressed it at first by force and later for the negotiation.
  • Dead of Luis Donaldo Colosio

    Dead of Luis Donaldo Colosio
    They assassinate the secretary of social development and candidate for the presidency Luis donaldo colosio, his secretariat was in charge for many years during the six-year term of promoting the Mexican countryside and making programs like BANRURAL and SOLIDARIDAD.