Mount everest

Jon Krakauer climbing Mount Everest

By mandi13
  • the climb begins

    the climb begins
  • tensing falls into a 150 foot crevice

    tensing falls into a 150 foot crevice
  • reached the Labouje

    reached the Labouje
    16,200 feet
  • Paju Ceramonie at base camp

  • reached 17,600 feet

  • everyone is in good health and Jon turns 42

  • reached end of ice fall

    after 4 hours
  • Reached Camp 1

    19,500 feet
  • team reaches camp 2

    team reaches camp 2
    to acclamate
  • Nowang sick with adema

    Nowang sick with adema
    Acdema is an abnormal accumulation of fluid beneath the skin, or in one or more cavities of the body. Generally, the amount of interstitial fluid is determined by the balance of fluid homeostasis, and increased secretion of fluid into the interstitium or impaired removal of this fluid may cause edema
  • Guide ropes need to be fixed on south summit

    Guide ropes need to be fixed on south summit
    Guide ropes helped so that on steep slippery spots were easier to go up. It also helped so if you fell you didn't fall and plummet to your death.
  • Nowang rushed down the mountain to Kammanda

    Nowang had to be rushed down the mountian so that she could be treated where there was enough oxygen to heal.
  • team reached camp 3 to get get oxygen

    24,000 feet
  • Decended to base camp 2 to rest

    The cloimbers didn't just go straight up. the clmbers needed to go up then go down a little ways then continiue up farther then come down a little ways aging so their bodies could get used to the amount of oygen
  • Fischers team looks good

  • team left camp 2

    21,30 feet
  • assending to the 4th base camp

  • reacdhed the balcomy

    5:30 am
  • reach camp 4

    reach camp 4
    7:30 am
  • A climber falls down the Lhoste Face and survives

    this happened around 7:30 am. The man later dies while decending down the mountian.
  • reached the summit

    reached the summit
  • made it down to the south summit

    2:30 pm
  • Major storm hits mountian

    Major storm hits mountian
    8 die
  • realized Andy Harris is missing

    6:00 am
  • Jon finds Nambs and Weathers close to death

    7:30 am
  • Scott Fischer and Rob Hall stranded on Everest

  • Reached the Bottem of the mountian

    The journey was finally over. It was rough and they had lost a lot of people on the mountian. The men who made it down are scarred for life.
  • 8 people were confirmed dead

    8 people were confirmed dead
  • fischer burried above the south col as the team regroups

    fischer burried above the south col as the team regroups