The Forest of the Moon

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  • #1 Hunter

    #1 Hunter
    Hunter’s eyes squinted against the penetrating rays of the rising Sun. He stood outside the back of the Moon and Star, facing east, watching the sky turn pink. It was a clear, crisp morning. There was no wind to bite through his clothes. It was the moment just before the Sun pulled himself up above the horizon from his place of quiet slumber. This was Hunter’s favourite time of day. Silent, still and lonely. [continues]
  • #2 Maia

    #2 Maia
    Maia woke as the front door closed shut behind Hunter. She was sleeping in the bedroom right above it. Her eyes scanned about, momentarily lost and confused. Then, it all came flooding back. The heated conversations last night as each party tried to work out where the other had come from, all the while being hinted at by the Elder, who was irritatingly knowing. [continues]
  • #3 Nimah

    #3 Nimah
    Nimah was cosy and warm curled up near the fire downstairs, as was normal when she didn’t want to be found she was generally looked over and so had spent the night there. Her dreams had been confusing and hard for her young mind to understand but she knew that she was some getting closer to something very important to her. She sat up and shook out her hair which was it usual wavy mess, like the waves crashing on the shore, and looking around the inns common room. [continues]
  • #4 Seryina

    #4 Seryina
    Seryina had just woken up when she heard footsteps going down the hall. She crawled out of bed slowly, almost regretfully. This was the first comfortable bed she had slept in for quite some time. She straightened herself up quickly, no sense in showing herself mussed. She did not waste time, this battle would not be won with good looks. It would take much more than silly Elven pride. [continues]
  • #5 Fayne

    #5 Fayne
    It was as Seryina took no time to entertain her vanity that Fayne made time. Her first thought, as the sun began its ascent, was to messily twist her hair and bound down the stairs of the Inn. Her second thought, which came so immediately after her first that the two became tangled, reminded her that she held the title of High Chieftess of Lirgeal, and as such could appear to be nothing other than that. Could not, in fact, be anything other than that. [continues]
  • #6 Hunter

    #6 Hunter
    Hunter's hand touched the handle of the door, when movement in the village green made him pause. He felt Seryina's presence before he saw her walk around the wall from the back of the Inn where the livestock pens and stables were. She ignored him deliberately as Hunter vaguely wondered what she'd been doing. In answer, the sound of laboured bovine breathing broke the still winter morning. [continues]
  • #7 Maia

    #7 Maia
    Seeing no-one in the front room, Maia opened the door to the common room. The benches and chairs had been set back to normal after the discussions last night. Over on the left wall, the embers of last night's fire still glowed, giving off enough heat to take the real bite out of the air. Curled up next to the fire, on a blanket, was Nimah. Maia cocked her head to one side and smiled. THe silly girl. She rarely slept in a proper bed. Maia despaired. [continues]
  • #8 Eirian

    #8 Eirian
    After what seemed an hour of tossing and turning, Eirian was finally able to fall to sleep. But it was a restless sleep, full of visions and love, demons and nightmares. The dream started out like all the rest, full of happiness and love, and Erice. They were once again walking in the garden they had spent so much time in, strolling hand in hand. Yet there was something different. Eirian didn't seem the same. [continues]
  • #9 Rehael

    #9 Rehael
    Once more, a silent vigil was kept by the same luminous sentry. The same lonely, inhuman vigil...which challenged the elasticity of his sanity. The question of if he still had it arose, again. Having little else to do, he had taken to a seat nearer the hearth than most others...watching the soldiers, the trader, watching everyone's comings and goings. He had taken stock of everyone, and guessed at the intents of all. [continues]
  • #10 Jerrin

    #10 Jerrin
    His legs were crossed under him, hands resting, palms up, on his knees. He sat, unmoving, on the rough floorboards in the middle room to the right of Maia’s. He had been in this position since all parties had retired for the night, hours ago; since he waited for the tired shuffle of Maia’s nightly routine to come to an end and silence to consume the room beside his.
    Jerrin stared blindly through the small window cut into the wall opposite him. [continues]
  • #11 Fayne

    #11 Fayne
    Heat rose within Fayne as she reached the bottom of the stairs. It spread throughout her body, washing over her as might a wave of freshly spilled blood, and settled on the back of her neck. She shivered as she picked her gaze up from the banister her hand rested upon and brought it, dizzyingly, around the room. She was being watched. [continues]
  • #12 Kenai

    #12 Kenai
    Kenai woke up with a start. It seemed she was the last to wake. With a curse she flung herself out of bed and grabbed her bag from under the bed. She checked contents hurriedly, letting out a relieved sigh when she counted everything as still there. Slinging it over her back, she picked up her quarterstaff and headed downstairs. With a quick look around to see who was in the main room, quickly locating Nimah and Maia. [continues]
  • #13 Nimah

    #13 Nimah
    Nimah grinned as Maia walked up and smiled brightly at her, “Comfortable and warm. But what happened last night?” Stretching her hands out to the fire with her teddys paws in her hands. Jumping up suddenly she climbed in to Maia lap, just as Kenia arrived at the fire place, and looked with her childish innocence into Maia eyes she said in a quiet serious voice, “It is all going to be ok, I’ll look after you. But who are all the strange people around?” [continues]