HUAC and Joseph McCarthy

  • HUAC Formed by Congress

    Congress formed HUAC in 1938 to investigate New Deal programs.
  • HUAC became focused on entertainment industry.

    The industry had many workers who were members of the U.S. Communist Party before the Cold War, and was known for its leberalism in 1948.
  • 10 Hollywood Screenwriters, Actors, and Directors refused to testify on their activities and those of others.

    They sited the First Amendment. The result: creating an Un-Official Blacklist, a list of names studios could not hire.
  • McCarthy clams he has a FBI list of "205 Card Carring Communists"

    During the speech he brandished a peice of paper on which he said he haf a list of 205 State Department workes her were Communist. The list however was comepleatly fake, but this did not stop his dramatazation from getting him a lot of attention.
  • HUAC goes for second round of Black Balling in Hollywood

    it was possible to proove your sincerity as an American by naming names of someone(s) who had been involved with Communist activity. This collegue on collegue, friend on friend action greatly damaged the entertainment industry
  • HUAC Officially Censured

    Due to events throughout 1954 the HUAC was officially dis-banded in 1954. McCarthy was charged for abuse of power.
  • McCarthy Dies a broken man