Feed Character Violet

By ljp1112
  • Spring Break on the Moon

    Titus, Link, Marty and their friends are celebrating Spring Break on the Moon.
  • Entrance of Violet

    Titus spots Violet at the Ricochet Lounge. He thinks she is the most beautiful girl he has ever seen.
  • Rumble Spot

    All the kids go to the Rumble Spot for Youth in Action Night. Violet grabs Titus' arm during the Anti-Gravity segment.
  • Scramble

    While at the club, an old man touches Violet, Titus, Link, and Marty with a metal handle that scrambles their feeds, causing complete chaos.
  • Hospital

    The kids end up in the hospital after their feeds are scrambled.
  • Entertainment

    The kids must learn to entertain themselves without the accompainment of their feed access. They have trouble coping without their feeds.
  • The Kiss

    Violet and Titus visit the hospital garden. They kiss while talking in the garden.
  • Released from Hospital

    The kids are all released from the hospital. Their lives seemingly go back to normal.
  • Party

    Everyone is at a party, but Violet doesn't seem to be having a great time. Violet and Titus have a discussion outside about how everyone has gone "back" so quickly.
  • Mall Bonding

    Titus and Violet are spending a lot of time together, specifically at the mall. It has become evident that they come from two different backgrounds, but are having fun experiencing new things together. They seem to be deeply falling in love. Violet seems to be investigating the pros and cons of the Feed.
  • Car

    Violet and Titus have been arguing over the whether America is really a democracy or a republic. Titus realizes that everyone does not have Feed access, with Violet confessing that she did not receive one until age seven. Titus' parents decided to buy him his very own upcar to cheer him up. Titus had been a bit depressed recently, specifically feeling "stupid."