my events

  • I was born

    I was born on October 6, 1997
  • Minnesota

    The first time I went to Minnesota, I was one and I have gone since then. It’s always a fun time because we always go to the Mall of America and I always go to Legoland. Plus, the best thing about going to Minnesota is the car ride! I do nothing for five hours except look at the cool scenery. Downtown St. Paul is so awesome. I could look at it for hours because of the cool skyscrapers. All in all it’s always fun to go to Minnesota.
  • I got a dog

  • The first time I played soccer

  • Missiour

    I went to my cousins wedding in St. Louis in 2002. When I was there I went to the arch and I was very scared. It was so high! That’s when I started to be scared of heights. When I was in St. Louis I found tickets to a baseball game ON THE GROUND! However my dad and I didn’t go because we didn’t have time. Then we went to my cousin’s wedding. The wedding was fun but I was five so remember much about it. All in all it was a good trip.
  • My dog died

  • I fell off my bike and had A big gase

  • My aunt died

  • I got a cat

    I got a cat
  • My grandpa died

  • My mom and dad devorsed

  • I almost fell of a roof

  • Cutting the lawn

    Cutting the lawn
  • I all most got killed by a fire craker

  • I was grilling and the grill strated on fire