Timeline of 1962

  • New years eve

    New years eve
    Start of a new year tomorrow
  • Wsestern Samoa

    Wsestern Samoa
    Western Samoa Gains independence from New Zealand
  • Excomunnication

    Pope excomunnicates Fidel Castro from the Catholic Church
  • relation tense of USA

    relation tense of USA
    The United States Government bans all U.S.-elated Cuban imports and exports.
  • Birth of Steve Irwin

    Birth of Steve Irwin
    Steve was born in Batt Reef Qld Australia
  • NBN televison

    NBN televison
    NBN televison opens in Newcastle
  • WIN television

    WIN television
    WIN television opens in wollongong
  • Famous League player

    Famous League player
    Steve Roach was Born a great Rugby league coach and player
  • World cup

    World cup
    The Fifa Soccer World up begins in Chile
  • On going war

    On going war
    On going vietnam war it has been 5 years since it has started
  • Worst conditions for a grand final

    Worst conditions for a grand final
    St george won the NSWRL Competition defeating wests in terrible conditions 9-6
  • Weapons Deal Agreed

    Weapons Deal Agreed
    USSR send weapons to Cuba Incase of a war between them and USA
  • Sheffield Sheild

    Sheffield Sheild
    Nsw Cricket Team wins the Sheffield Sheild
  • Birth of Famous Australia

    Birth of  Famous Australia
    Baz Luhrman was born on this day
  • Brisbane Tram Fleet

    Brisbane Tram Fleet
    One fifth of the Brisbane tram fleet is destroyed when the Paddington tram depot is burnt down in suspicious circumstances. 65 trams are destroyed.
  • Essendon VFL title

    Essendon VFL title
    Essendon win their first flag since 1950 defeating Carlton 90-58
  • 1st Album

    1st Album
    First album of supergroup Beatles
  • First Ballet performance

    First Ballet performance
    The first performance of the Australian Ballet Company in Sydney was of Swan Lake.
  • cuban crisis ends

    cuban crisis ends
    relations between Usa and USSR cool down.
  • Commonwealth Games

    Commonwealth Games
    Australia wins 38 Gold Medals.Games held in Perth
  • closing ceremony of commonwealth games

    closing ceremony of commonwealth games
    Commonwealth Games in Perth finishes with australia finishing with the most gold medals 38
  • Vietname Visit

    Vietname Visit
    Us senate leader Mike mansfield becomes 1st american to make a negative comment on the progress of the war in vietname
  • 1962 Election

    1962 Election
    Sir Robert Menzies retained he's job office
  • Top Australian Song

    Top Australian Song
    Roy Orbinson's song called working for the man was the favourite song for that year.Placed at number one.