By geid
  • Menzies Reign Over

    After Robert menzies long reign in Australian Parliament as the Prime Minister, it has finally ended and Harold Holt takes over.
  • The Beaumont Children

    On this date three children all less than the age of ten went missing from Glenelg beach in Adelaide. What made it so significant was that they have never been found to this day.
  • Luna 9

    First lunar soft landing. The craft also transmitted photo data ack to Earth.
  • Australian Currency Change

    The Australian Dollar was introduced at a rate of two dollars per pound, or ten shillings per dollar.
  • Gemini 8

    Two men went into space to dock to spacecraft for the first time.
  • World Trade Centers

    Demolition work started on the site that would hold the World trade centers in future times but are no longer standing.
  • First Meet between Catholic and Anglicans with the Pope

    It was the first time in 400 years that the Pope and one of the Anglican leaders met in Rome. The Pope was called Pope Paul the Sixth and the Anglican was called Arthur Michael Ramsey.
  • Luna 10

    Becomes first man made object to orbit the moon.
  • Paracorporeal Pump

    A type of pump used in heart surgery to keep the persons heart pumping and keep them alive. On this firt attempt th person dies but on the second sfter ten days the person was let out and was cured succesfully.
  • U.S Vietnam Troops

    On top of Australian troops U.S troops top 250,000.
  • Blonde on Blonde

    Bob Dylan releases new album.
  • Explorer 32

    Explorer 32 is launched ino atmosphere. On top of its number of problems it orbited earth in the upper atmospher to measure temperature, composition, density and pressure.
  • Surveyor 1

    First U.S space craft to make a soft landing on another world(The Moon).
  • U.S Second Space Walk

    Gemini 9 and the man on board Gene Cernan complete the USA's second space walk. It lasted 2 hous and 7 minutes.
  • Beatles Australian Tour

    Beatles came to Australia for there tour and made an influence in the taste of music people liked. They went to Darwin first and then flew onto Sydney.
  • Index Librorum Prohibitorum

    The Vatican abolishes the 'index of banned books'.
  • Gemini 10

    Astronauts John Young and Michael Collins go up into space to set a new record of the highest altitude reached. Their aircraft went up to 763km above the earth's surface.
  • FIFA World Cup

    The World Cup was held in England and the final was played between Germany and the home nation England. It was a very controversial win as they are the only host nation so far to win the competition and it is their only win so far. The match was won
  • Revolver

    The beatles release their legendary album 'Revolver'
  • VFL Grand Final

    101 655 people attend the VFL grand final to watch Collingwood and St. Kilda to battle it out. The crowd were in for a treat with a one point win to St. Kilda.The score was 74-73
  • Rugby League Grand Final

    On this date St. George continue their surge putting their name in history winning their 11th Grand final in a row. No team yet has beaten this 11 year streak and it will still be a long time untill another team does.
  • Lunar Orbiter 2

    The spacecraft is launched to hover over the moon and take pictures of the lunar surface that was flat, radiation intensity, and micrometeoroid impact data.
  • Walt Disney Dies.

    The founder of the Movie production company and maker of many enetertaning movies from the 1960's dies while creating a movie by the name of 'The Jungle Book'. Also after he died his body was frozen and still is till this day.
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas

    'How the Grinch stole Christmas comes out starting an annual tradition.