Mayflower ii

Puritan History

  • William Bradford: A Tragic Loss?

    William Bradford: A Tragic Loss?
    Did Bradford's governance positivly affect the Plymouth Plantation?
    The Plymouth Colony prosepered and grew under the governance of Bradford. Bradford really held the colony together. Bradford earnistly tried to beuild an ideal society in the Plmouth Colony. Although Bradford invested so much into building the colony into greatness, around the mid 1600's the colony dispersed.
  • Mary Rowlandson

    Mary Rowlandson
    While Mary was captive what did she think of her Indian capturers?
    In the begining Mary saw them as low people who eat the most weirdest foods. She said they ate skunks, tree bark, rattlesnakes, and bear. Her youngest daughter passed away and Mary was split apart from the rest of her family. She said that the Indians were good to her. She later came to respect the Indians and little by little understood their ways of life. Her attitude towards the INdians was a grateful and respectful one.