The mayflower

The Puritan Legacy

By jinae
  • William Bradford

    William Bradford
    Did William Bradford's lack of higher education lead to his success as a future Colonial governor? Bradford's lack of higher education probably enabled him to be able to confidently lead people of the his same status. With his natural leadership and his inspiration by the Puritans, he made Plymouth Colony possible. If he did receive a higher education, he might have felt a superiority and would not have been able to deal out justice fairly enough to keep him Colony governor thirty times.
  • Mary Rowlandson

    Mary Rowlandson
    How did Mary's faith in God help her through her captivity? As a Puritan, Mary believed that everything was planned by God and God was within her life in every aspect. This enabled her to persevere through her captivity without becoming insane or enraged at the circumstances. Every time she something good happened to her, she saw it as a blessing from God. With this belief, perhaps she was able to be submissive and not struggle against the Indians and her situation.