The Puritan Colony: Gain and Loss

  • Forming the Followers

    Forming the Followers
    Why did the Puritans meet secretly? The governement of the time only approved one form of Christianity and the Puritans were outside of that religion. If discovered for their rebellion against the country's religion, they'd be compromised and their religion disbanded.
  • The Journey Begins

    The Journey Begins
    What pushed the Puritans to board a ship and move to America? Puritan citizens, now living in Holland, wanted a place to worship whatever they wanted whenever they wanted and be able to live according to what they believed. In Europe, they were confined to the government's laws on religious practices and had constantly been looking for a place to be free of that.
  • On the Journey

    On the Journey
    What happened along the voyage to test the Puritans and their faith? A young man who has been crude and harsh to the elderly and sick is struck with a disease that takes his life and he is the first to be cast overboard.
    The ship's main beam breaks and all of the men are forced to band together to make an attempt at fixing it. After failing, they decide that they've done all they can and their lives are in God's hands now.
  • Meeting the Native Americans

    Meeting the Native Americans
    What occured when the Puritan Settlers met with the Native Americans who already lived on that land? The Puritans expressed to the Native Americans that they were peaceful and only wanted to live there. The Native American tribes created a treaty between all of them stating they would keep each other safe and well. The Puritans agreed to it, and the friendship was set.
  • The First Thanksgiving

    The First Thanksgiving
    What happened at the "First Thanksgiving" between Puritan Settlers and Native Americans? The Native Americans had shown Puritan Settlers how to grow crops like corn on their farms, and like wise between the Settlers to Native Americans. As they work together to grow food, they created a bond and decided it was best to share their food for the winter in a celebration of how well they've done and giving thanks for their good fortune.
  • Abandonment of Faith and Family

    Abandonment of Faith and Family
    What were William Bradford's thoughts when the members of his colony began leaving for Boston? He described the colony and church as being "like an ancient mother grown old and forsaken of her children...Thus she that had made many rich became herself poor." Bradford felt about the colony and church as he would a close knit family. When Boston became popular and people began to move there, leaving his colony, he felt abandoned and as if people were forsaking their faith for materialistic desire