#22's timeline

  • I was born

    This was the first time my mom seen me!!
  • Jacques Chirac declares a "definitive end" to France's nuclear testing.

  • Smoking is banned in all California bars and restaurants.

    smoking should be banned everywhere
  • In the village of Racak, in Kosovo, Serbs murder 45 unarmed ethnic Albanians.

  • Preschool (Jefferson)

    first time i bullied my enimy
  • Troops withdraw from Lebanese security zone after 22 years of occupation

    whatever this means!?
  • nine elevin

    sad day
  • nissan-teana-is-first-produced

    nissan was first made.. nice car!
  • 6th grade graduation (Linclon Irving)

    first time goin to a new school
  • the day when i met oscar.

    this is when i found out oscar's dad was peter off family guy and spongbob was his step dad
  • Mom got married

  • First Day of HIGH SCHOOL!

    first time in such a big school
  • The start of SOPHMOR year

    only two more years left..