significant events

  • Fashion Race Course

    The first known game in which fans paid to attend.
  • Volleyball was invented

    by William George Morgan
  • Boxing became a legal sport

  • NCAA was formed

  • motion picture film

    Development of recording of sound on motion picture film
  • Babe Ruth first to order bat with knob on end

  • NBC

    RCA establishes the National Broadcasting Company (NBC)
  • first electronic television picture

    Farnsworth transmits first electronic television picture; receives patent
  • CBS

    The Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) was founded
  • All-American Girls Professional Baseball League was formed.

  • Jackie Robinson breaks baseball's color line

  • Wilson Sporting Goods signed golfer Didrikson.

    to an endorsement contract worth $100,000 per year.
  • color tv

    Color television is introduced.
  • The Braves move to Milwaukee

  • fastest serve in tennis

    by Michael Sangster. It was clocked at 154 mile per hour
  • Blue Ribbon Sports was founded/

  • Billie Jean King brings women's games into this century

  • Jets beat the Colts in Super Bowl 3

  • Golf played on the moon by Alan Shepard

  • World Football League grants 1st franchise

    with Detroit