Classic 60 s

The '60's

  • The '60's begin

    The '60's begin
    New Years Eve, the decade of the '60's is about to begin
  • Tied Test

    Tied Test
    Info on Tied TestThe first ever tied test match between Australia and West Indies. Run Out.....the final play of the match
  • The trip to the Moon begins

    The trip to the Moon begins
    "I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth."
  • "The City of Lights"

    "The City of Lights"
    Friendship 7Perth turns on its lights as John Glenn orbits the earth
  • JFK Assassinated

    JFK Assassinated
    Kennedy was fatally shot by Lee Harvey Oswald while riding with his wife Jacqueline in a Presidential motorcade.
  • Beatlemania Hits Australia

    Beatlemania Hits Australia
  • Tokyo Olympics

    Tokyo Olympics
    This was the first Olympics in which South Africa was barred from taking part due to its refusal to racially desegregate its sports.[1] The games were telecast to the United States using Syncom 3, the first geostationary communication satellite. It was the first television program to cross the Pacific Ocean.
  • Australian in Vietnam

    Australian in Vietnam
    Australia, as an ally of the United States with obligations under the SEATO and ANZUS Pacts and in the hope of shoring up its alliance with the US, also became involved in the Vietnam War. Over the course of a decade, between 1962 and 1972 it would send almost 60,000 personnel to Vietnam,
  • Robert Menzies reign ends

    Robert Menzies reign ends
    Menzies was Prime Minister for a total of 18 years, five months, and 12 days, by far the longest term of any Australian Prime Minister, and during his second term he dominated Australian politics as no one else has ever done.
  • Decimal Currency comes to Australia

    Decimal Currency comes to Australia
    In 1963, Australia initiated the change to decimal currency. More than 1000 submissions were made about the name of the new currency unit. The Prime Minister of the day, Sir Robert Menzies, proposed the ‘royal’. The ‘dollar’ was eventually chosen as the name, and decimal currency was introduced on 14 February 1966.
  • St Kilda wins VFL flag

    St Kilda wins VFL flag
    St Kilda Football Club's only premiership win to date was in the 1966 VFL season
  • Harold Holt drowns

    Harold Holt drowns
    Holt is mainly remembered for his controversial role in expanding Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War, for his famous "All the way with LBJ" quote, and for the sensational circumstances of his death.
  • Mexico Olympics

    Mexico Olympics
    In the 200 m medal award ceremony, African-American athletes Tommie Smith (gold) and John Carlos (bronze) raised their black-gloved fists as a symbol of "Black Power". The Australian Peter Norman, who had run second, wore an American "civil rights" badge as support to them on the podium. As punishment, the International Olympic Committee banned Smith and Carlos from the Olympic Games for life, and Norman was left off the Australian 1972 Olympic team.
  • The '60's come to a close

    The '60's come to a close
    The end of the decade