Debbie's Journey

  • Mammogram

    I had my yearly mammogram.
  • Diagnosis

    May 11, 2006 was the first time I was told I had cancer.
  • Surgery 1: Mastectomy

    My first surgery after the diagnosis was a double mastectomy and the placement of expanders in my body.
  • Surgery 2: Lymph Nodes

    After the first surgery, I found out I had to have 13 lymph nodes removed.
  • Surgery 3: Port placement

    My third surgery was to have a port placed in my body.
  • Saline injections

    Beginning in July '06, I had to have saline injections for the expanders every other week.
  • Chemo

    I began chemotherapy; it was four cycles: adriamycin-cytoxan every other week.
  • Surgery 4: Implants

    I had reconstructive surgery that September - I got my "new boobs" for my birthday.
  • 50th Birthday

    September 7, 2006 was my 50th birthday.
  • Chemo: 2nd round

    I started my second round of chemotherapy. It was four cycles: taxol-herceptin every other week.
  • Taxol chemo

    This was the last day of my taxol chemotherapy.
  • Femera

    I started taking the cancer pill Femera, a hormonal therapy.
  • Surgery 5: Hysterectomy

    I had a hysterectomy that December.
  • Cancer free

    The following January I had a PET scan. My results: "cancer free."
  • Jeff's passing

    A few days later my good friend Jeff passed away from cancer.
  • Herceptin

    I stopped taking Herceptin in April of 2007.
  • Surgery 6: Fix new breast

    I have to have surgery to fix my new breast.
  • Surgery 7

    That June I had yet another surgery on my breast.