20th century Timeline

By LeonR.
  • Period: to

    1895-1925 timeline

  • 1898 Annexed Hawaii

    1898 Annexed Hawaii
  • Open door policy

    Started in 1899 lasted until 1900, Sec of state John Hay reciprocal trade among chinese spheres of influence
  • Theodore Roosevelt

    A hero from the Spanish American war
  • Panic of 1907

    Reaveals money trust greater power over US Banking& money supply tanh govt
  • Teddy Roosevelt' s Gentlemans agreement

    Restricts Japanese immigration
  • Woodrow Wilson

    Won election in 1912 defeatin 3rd party canditate Theodore Roosevelt
  • 16th amendment Progressive Income Tax

    Allows taxes to be reducted
  • Military In Vera Cruz

    US military controls the cit ater mexican sailors seized U.S. soldiers
  • The Lusitania

    Sunk by a german u-boat
  • U.S. enters WWI

    Germans had ressumed unrestricted warfare
  • Great Migration

    many were suspiciious of foreiners and it contibuted with the red scare
  • Influenza epidemic

    Kills 600,000 in the U.S.
  • Treaty of Versailes

    U.S. did not sign
  • Steel Strike

    Massive violent strike by the union leader Samuel Gompers contributed to red scare