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20th century Nebraska history

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    They were 2 main powers, the Allied and the Axis. Over 9 million soldiers died, and 21 million soldiers wounded. Germany and France were the most affected countries sending over 80% of their male population.
  • America enters WW1

    America enters WW1
    In 1917 the U.S. senate voted in support to declare ware on germany. They entered when a German U-boat attacked a U.S. passenger boat.
  • Race riots in Omaha

    Race riots in Omaha
    The white men were always mad now that the colored could work, because they took away some jobs, but the fire really started when a white women accused a black male of assault.
  • Kool-Aid was made in Nebraska

    Kool-Aid was made in Nebraska
    In 1927 Edwin Perkins created a powdered drink called "Fruit Smack". He then made it a liquid drink and renamed it Kool- Ade. He once again renamed it to Kool-Aid. Edwin produced is first Kool-Aid in Hastings Nebraska.
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    The Great Depression

    in 1929 the stock-markets crashed and the world trade collapsed, banks started failing and so did businesses. People began to lose their jobs, so they had no income.
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    The Dust Bowl

    As the farmers had more farming practices, the tilled up land was bare and didn't have any grass, with strong winds, the top soil began to blow away.
  • The first session of the Unicameral

    The first session of the Unicameral
    In 1934 the Nebraska voters took on the idea to have a single legislature, and in 1937 the idea became a reality. Nebraska became the first and only state to have a unicameral, until 1992, when Maine became the second state to have a unicameral.
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    This war had the same main powers as WW1, Axis and Allie. This war included many more countries, this war killed millions in combat and the Nazi's elimination of Jews.
  • America enters WW2

    America enters WW2
    In 1941 the U.S. official joined WW2 when Japan attacked the American Pearl Harbor, once they voted, they only had 1 arguing vote.
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    SAC is at Offutt Air Force Base

    SAC stands for Strategic Air Command. They had this for the cold war, if it happened to turn nuclear. it was disabled in 1992.
  • UNL students protest the Vietnam War

    UNL students protest the Vietnam War
    The students wanted to display the injustice of their classmates murders and the disapproval of President Nixon's campaign in Cambodia.
  • 1980's farm crisis

    1980's farm crisis
    In the 70's the loan interest was very low, so farmers took out loans because they sought to expand. The farmers thought they could pay it off with high grain prices the next years, the grain prices dropped, farm went bankrupt.