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  • Wave - Agricultural

     Wave - Agricultural
    Changes in Farms
    As the decae pocedding farms, increased in size but the numbers of small farms decreased, a negative correlation.
    irst engine powered Tractor. Business Philsophy- - 1900-1950's-Social Darwinism: Individuals pursuing their own slefish interests and in the meantime are also promoting the common good by increasing the agriculutral supplies. 1900-1950
  • Work - Plants to Factories

    Factory Work for childern and Women- 15 hour daysSMall plants give way to factories to stimulate production.
  • Education - John Dewey - Progressive Education

    Education - John Dewey - Progressive Education
    Progressive Education Instruction is based upon a scientific method. The person senses a problem, formulates a hypothesis, test hypothesis and draws a conclusion. 1900-1930's.
  • Work - Labor unions Forming

    Work - Labor unions Forming
    Carm Wife MemoriesWomen are left at home to do manual labor and to be housewives. Very few positions exist except as salepeople, nurses, clerical and domestic servants. Work is primarily agricultural with some industrial.
  • Economics - Gold Standard of 1900

    Early Banking Gold Standard was instituted and banks provide insurance.
  • Economics - Women as Clerks

     Economics - Women as Clerks
    Early Typewriters Women with the advent of the typewriter where starting to be employed outside of the house in government jobs.
  • Society - Women and Employment

    Women and SuffrageSuffrragettes still had little impact on the role of women in the workplace, as women were still employed for the most part as servants.
  • Society - Henry Dunant

    Henry Dunant Biography First Nobel Peace Prize issuied to Henry Dunant. It was an era of inventions and the first World War 1
  • Advance - Wright Brothers

    Advance - Wright Brothers
    Historical Flight Invent First Airplane
  • Education - Visual Instruction

     Education - Visual Instruction
    Rise and Fall of Visual Instruction Visual Instruction was organized with the first department. Slide, magic lanterns and steropticons widely used between 1900-1912
  • Advance - Albert Einstein

    Advance - Albert Einstein
    RelativityThoery of Relativity
  • Advance -Ford: Assembly line

    Advance -Ford: Assembly line
  • Work - Mass Prodcution

    Work - Mass Prodcution
    American Culutral History 1910's Mass Production brings a greater ease and profitability as factories employ the moving assembly line. Work is turning from agriculutral to industrial. 1910-1920's
  • Education - Montessori Method

    Montessori Method Montessori devised a method of teaching so that the teacher did not dominant the student and the student was free to learn at that own progress.
  • Work - Advertising

    1900's TimelinesMillions are spent on advertising and public realtions to attract customers. Mass production and growth in retail industry exist in this decade.
  • Economics - Rural/Urban

    1910'sThe country was split with rural and urban; but conditions in the urban area were not fantatic with overcrowding and overworked factory workers. Unions were starting to grow but unsafe working conditions existed as the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory.Progressive Movement developed to incorporate fair labor laws and imporve factory conditions.
  • Society - Sinking of the Titanic

    Global Grief
    One of the worst naval tragedies ever to strike the world
  • Advance - Thomas Edison - Kinetophone

    Thomas Edison's LifeThe invention would later lead to the first commerical sound motion pitcures.
  • Advance - Coolidge- X-Ray tube

    Early X-RayOrignially called the Collidge tube , this combined with inventions from Roentgen tand were the predecessors of our current x_ray machines and forerunners of Radiology
  • Society - World War I

    Society - World War I
    WW I First troops arrive in France. The Progressive movement in society and economics generated a feeling in the nation that we were the protectors of humanity and other countries.
  • Education -Kilpatrick Project

    Short BioKilpatrcik was the Popularizer of John Dewey's theories.
  • Economics - Prohibition

    BootleggingVolstead Act or National Prohibition Act of 1919, the 18th Amendment, was enacted making bootlegging very popular.
  • Economics - Consumerism is Born

    Economics - Consumerism is Born
    Flappers After World War I and the invention of the moving assembly line, prosperity boomed. Easy payments on merchandise and housing allowed the consumer to buy on credit.
  • Work - Factory Work

    Work - Factory Work
    Child LaborFactories with high wages have enticed the American worker into the urban areas. It is the first time In America that more people are employed out of the agricultural field. Mudracking investigates child labor at factories.
  • Work - Cycle of Prosperity

    Politics and the 1920'sMass Production lead to factories. Factories lead to cheaper consumer goods. Cheaper goods lead to more demand. Higher wages were generated as the factory worker worked harder to manufacture goods. This cycle lasted until the 1929's.
  • Education - Development of National Academy of Visual Instruction(NEA)

    Education - Development of National Academy of Visual Instruction(NEA)
    Anna Verona Davis and the Visual Instruction Movement 1918-1928 Credit cousrses in visual intrsuction. Professional development of organizations to promote visual instruction.NEA Department established.
  • Advance - Birdseye - Frozen Food

    Advance - Birdseye - Frozen Food
    Clarence Birdseye BiographyWho doesn't like frozen pizza? Birdseye invents and unveils the methods to flash freeze food.
  • Society- Era of Fads

    Society- Era of Fads
    Fads, Prohibtion and BootLegging It was an era in which the purtain age collided with the fads and drinking. Prohibition was pasted but it created a balck market for bootlegging. Fads and slang abounded.
  • Society - Wall Street and Credit

    Easy CreditAmericans see the rise of Wall Street and borrowing moeny to live.
  • Education - Moore Laboratory

    Cognitive LaboratoryLeading school for cognitive science
  • Advance - Barid- TV

    Advance - Barid- TV
    Credited for the Invention of TVInventor of Television
  • Education - Research in Memory

    Important Educational Events The Institute of Child Welfare publishes on memory development in students.
  • Advance - Fleming: Pencillin

    Advance - Fleming: Pencillin
  • Economics Black Thursday

    Economics  Black Thursday
    Black ThursdayEasy credit allowed people to invest in the stock market until massive liquidation or short selling drove the market to its knees, bankrupting the nation.
  • Society - Dust Bowl - Rising costs fo Food

    Dust Bowl1930 -1931 With the Dust bowl, a new era of soil conservation was issued in.
  • Advance - Whittle - Jet engine

    Advance - Whittle - Jet engine
    Jet Engine TechnologyPublished his works and his works were later used by the Nazis ot build the first engine
  • Work - Smoot-Hawley Tariiff Act

    Summary of Tariff ActThe tariff act was designed to help farmers by increasing import taxes on agricultural goods but it had a reverse effect. International trade hit its lowest levels as foreign countries also raised their import taxes. American factories therefore saw little benefit from it and it worsened the effects of the Great Depression.
  • Work - Depression

    Work - Depression
    Statistics on UnemploymentAfter the stock market crash of 1929, businesses and foreclosures loomed which created scarcity of work. America became a nation of hobos moving from one area to another to gain employment. My father travelled from one state to another employed as a harvestor, well digger, mason, carpenter, electrican, farm hand, cattle driver, bronco tamer, bull rider, lumber jack and truck driver. Anything to eat!
  • Education - Merger of Visual Instruction Organizations

    Major TrendsMerger of National Academy of Visual Instruction, Visual Instruction of Association of America and the National Academy of Visual instruction.
  • Society - Survivalism

    Society - Survivalism
    Changing RolesGreat Depression left millions unemployed and homeless. The key event was to survive. Caravans trekked the United States looking for work and moving to California in the hopes that employment might be found.
  • Education - Bartlett

    MemoryBatrelett devised the constructivist approach in which memory was an active construction process.
  • Economics - Great Depression

    Economics - Great Depression
    1930-s EconomicsThe Great Depression was in full swing and Franklin D. Roosevelt took office in 1933. He started several government projects to stem the depression such as Works Progress Administration and the Tennesse Valler Authority to increase employment.
  • Economics -Goverment Programs

    WPAFranklin Roosevelt institues WPA(Works Progress Amdinistration) in th hopes of putting millions of unemployed people to work.
  • Education - Sloan Foundation

    Sloan Foundation The Sloan Foundation was founded by Albert P. Sloan to fund educational and science related fileds. This foundation was later credited for funding reserach in cognitive science.
  • Advance - Robert Watson-Wells - Radar

    InventionsFIrst Radar Implemented by British from a scientist, Sir Robert Watson-Watts, It was later implemented into detecting any airplanes flying over the English channel for the radar detecting and ranging program, Radar, in 1940
  • Work - Central Control 1939-1955

    Work - Central Control 1939-1955
    Organizing the Work ForceOne Boss with workers reporting to one central management person. 1939-1955. Nicknamed Silo.Unions are being developled.
  • Education - Visual Instruction Vertex - 1940's

    Education - Visual Instruction Vertex - 1940's
    WWII training FilmVisual instruction for the military reaches its heigths.
  • Advance - Karl Pabst - Jeep

    Advance - Karl Pabst - Jeep
    World War II JeepThe joke around the plant was that the engineers started with a horn button and designed a car around it. Actually Probst started with a Bantam roadster frame and fitted it with heavy-duty components from independent suppliers
  • Society -Food Rationing

    Food RationingFood Rationing occurred to send the greater amount to the tropps overseas.
  • Work - Industrial - Wars 1941 - 1955

    Work - Industrial - Wars 1941 - 1955
    Women at Work1939- 1955 War Time prodcution during World War II and the Korean War
    Business Philsophy- Ehtical Relatvisim - Not centerd around the individual interest's but to serve the group or society win the wars. Women take to the factories.
  • Society - Women at Work

    Women at Work during the WarAs men departed for World War II, women headed for the factories and were employed at vast numbers. The feeling was of nationalism in an effort to win the war. Fear was the prevalent social event, fear of losing a loved one or even the war.
  • Economics - War Time

    Economics - War Time
    Women at WorkMillions were employed in the making of military equipment such as bombs, airplanes, ships, guns, uinifroms and other military necessities. The economy struggled, with fodd rations, even though employment rose as Rosie the Riveter went to work.
  • Economics - Food/Fuel Rations

    RationsAfter Pearl Harbor </a>After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, men were drafted and called to service as the United States entered World War II. Rationing for the war became a major economic hardship.
  • Advance - Fermi

    Advance - Fermi
    Lead to Atomic BombFirst Nuclear Reactor
  • Advance - Invention - Atomic Bombing of Hiorshima

    Advance - Invention - Atomic Bombing of Hiorshima
    Video of Atomic Bomb Some would call this an adavance to global peace, I would say it is a deadly invention.
  • Work -Kitchen of Tomorrow

    Work -Kitchen of Tomorrow
    After the WarAs World War II ended , inflation was high but advertisers prompted workers to buy such itmas as the Kitchen of Tomorrow, Dixie cups, and aerosol sparys.
  • Education - Hixon Symposium

    Hixon Symposium Discussion on the misgivings of behaviorism
  • Society - From Swords to Frisbees to The Red Scare

    Affluence World War II had ended and the income of families increased. It was a time of affluence, child rearing(later this generation would be coined the Baby Boomers) and house building. It was also a period of the Cold War in which the United States would increase defense military spending to combat the spread of Communism.
  • Economics - Inflation

    1950's It was after the World War II and at the beginning of the Korean War and inflation was spiralling.
  • Work - Pressure on Women

    Work - Pressure on Women
    Rosie - No Longer Needed After World War II, Rosie the Riveter or women were pressured to give up their factory jobs and return to housewives. This would allow the men to occupy their jobs at the factories.
  • Wave -Induistrial 1750Ad - 1955 AD

    Wave -Induistrial 1750Ad - 1955 AD
  • Work - Central

    Work and Family values -1950's Work was still central controlled and still influenced by the Korean War.
  • Economics - Middle Class Increase

    Economics - Middle Class Increase
    Economics of the 1950's
    Middle class was blooming and take home pays increased dramtically. It was a time of consumerism and collecting items. Increased inflation due to the start of the Korean War and the ending of WW II and an inbalance of trade.
  • Education -Visual Instruction Decline

    Education -Visual Instruction Decline
    AV Instruction StartingVisual insturction delcines and gives rise to instructional media with different communication modes.
  • Society - Segregation

  • Society - Height of McCarthyism

    Congressional MeetingsActors, teachers, writers and artists are put on national TV to boradcast the routing of Communists in the United States. This brought a national fear of job loss and communism, besides devasting tolls on those that were subpeonaed.
  • Wave - Information 1955 AD - Present

     Wave - Information 1955 AD - Present
    Information Age and Intellectual PropertyWave 3 The Internet extends across the globe but not all the information is correct or Intellectual Property.
  • Advance - Diner's Club

    First credit cardFirst credit card issued
  • Advance - Bell Labs - Transistor

    Advance - Bell Labs - Transistor
    Nobel Prize WinnersNobel Peace prize was awarded to Bardeen, Schockley and Brattain for their work at Bell Labs on the Transistor
  • Education -Birth of Cognitive

    Birth of Cognitive Science in 1950Official Birthdate of cognitive science
  • Education - 1960's Stimulus Response Model

    Education - 1960's Stimulus Response Model
    Short PowerPoint on S-R Predominant Theory of the '60's
  • Economics - Kennedy

    Economics - Kennedy
    New Ecnomics Unemployment was at 7% and it was the third recession the United States had been involved in since 1953. Kennedy brought a new light and new prosperity.
  • Education - B.F. Skinner

    Education - B.F. Skinner
    PowerPoint on Instructional DesignFather of Programmed Instruction - First public school in Denver to utilize programmed instruction in 1960
  • Advance - Maiman - First Working laser

    Advance - Maiman - First Working laser
    First Working Laser Acutally, it was Albert Einstein that first envisoned the laser and wrote about it in 1917
  • Advance - Yuri Gagarin - First Space Flight

    Advance - Yuri Gagarin - First Space Flight
  • Economics - Increased Government Spending

    Years of ChangeNewly Elected President Kennedy instiutes more government spending to facilitate economic growth.
  • Education -The Keller Plan, Individually Prescribed Instruction

    Keller's Plan Emphasized the student's progress should be based at their own pace.
  • Society - Black Civil RIghts

    Society - Black Civil RIghts
    March on WashingtonThe 1960's was an era of rFreedom Riders and Black Civil rights movements.
  • Economics - Johnson and the Great Society

    Economics -  Johnson and the Great Society
    Short History of Johnson Johnson pushed for a war against poverty and instiuted Medicare for workers. He also phased in car safety laws. His economics were to install a war against poverty by looking at the root causes. He tried to lessen poor education and discrimination.
  • Work - Great Society

    Work - Great Society
    Johnson's AccomplishmentsAfter Kennedy was assasinated and Johnson was elected, Johnson was able to raise support for the Equal Opportunity Act of 1964 and Headstart. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission provided protection for job discrminitation based on sex, color, religion or age.
  • Work - Flex Time Invented

    Flextime PowerPoint Flex time invented so that workers could stagger starting and ending time periods at their convenience. Comes from the word -
    Gleitzeit for sliding.
  • Society - Drug Use

    Timothy Leary ReportTim Leary Experiments with hallucinogens. Drug use becomes popular.
  • Work - Matrix - 1970- 2000

    Work - Matrix - 1970- 2000
    Matrix DefintionMatrix Explanation</a> Matrix or many bosses in which project management is involved. A worker has one boss but works under a management leader to fulfill for a shor time project or group work.
  • Society - Kent Sate University

  • Education - Cognitive Influence

    Piaget TheoriesCognitive influence in educational technologies information processing and can be seen by the Atkinson-Shiffrin model and Paiget reserach. 1950-1980's
  • Society - Hippies - Washington Peace March

    Peter, Paul and Mary
    Society is rebeling against old norms and government.
  • Work - Bretton Woods Currency

    Dolalr and Gold StandardCurrency Model Nixon destroys Bretton Woods currency model, which sparked a deflation of the dollar and confidence in its value. Twenty billion dollars fled to foreign countries. Dollar is no longer converted to the gold standard,Nixon imposes 90 day wage freeze.
  • Economics - Stagflation

    Continuing inflation but the business activities are stagnant. The Federal Reserve refuses to supply money and interest rates start to soar.
  • Education - Limitations on Artifical Inteliigence

    Response to Dreyfus's book In 1972, Dreyfus set the cognitive science field on fire by proposing that inhuman machines, computers, could not duplicate the human mind.
  • Education - Gagne's Taxonomy of Learning

    Brief Taxonomy Description Division of learning capabilitied into 5 sub-groups.
  • Economics - Jimmy Carter

    Economics - Jimmy Carter
    Jimmy Carter's PoliciesJimmy Carter's fiscal policy was tuned to alleviating unemploymnet and caused a budget deficit.
  • Advance - Microsoft founded

  • Advance - Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak -Apple

    Advance - Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak -Apple
  • Economics - Savings and Loan Scandal

    Economics - Savings and Loan Scandal
    What Happened?
    One Hundred and eighteeen banks lost 43 billion dollars. It required voluntary and forced mergers of the banks from 1980 to 1982.
  • Work - Matrix - 1970- 2000

    Work - Matrix - 1970- 2000
    Matrix Explanation Matrix or many bosses in which project management is involved. A worker has one boss but works under a management leader to fulfill for a shor time project or group work.
  • Advance - IBM - First Personal Computer

    Advance - IBM - First Personal Computer
    Old IBM PCFirst Computer from IBM was about 1600 dollars.
  • Society -Tylenol Poisonings

    Tylenol Recall Tylenol is recalled after product laced with potassium cyanide. Changed the world and how merchandise is packed for consumers.
  • Society - Conservatism

    Society - Conservatism
    Age of Ronald Reagan It was a time of conservatism, mall hair, AIDS recognition, gay liberation and the spiralling philosophy of ME.Ronald Reagan was ven re-elected in 1984.
  • Economics - Tax Cuts

    The Tax Cutter Tax rates by Ronald Reagan cause the government budget to spiral into the red.
  • Advance - Gates - Windows

    Advance - Gates - Windows
    History of VersionsVersion 1.0 Windows Opearting system released
  • Education - Parallel Distributed Processing

    McClelland In 1986, McCelland and Rumelhart laid the ground to show that differnet parts of the brain played roles in our memory.
  • Work - Greed is Good

    Greed is Good, at Least for the Characters in the Movies"Greed is Good" is coined in the 1980's with the making of " Wall Street"
  • Education - Anchored

    Anchored Instruction Placing the student into a real life situation to enhance problem solving skills.
  • Advance - World Wide Web

    Advance - World Wide Web
    Biography of Berners-LeeIntroduced by Berners-Lee, while at Cern, wrote the first client server
  • Education - Computational-Representational Understanding of Mind

    Thagard Also known as CRUM, in which Thagard organizes the mind accroding to logic, rules. concepts, analogies, images, and connections. He does not make any mention of communication though.
  • Education - Gardner - Multiple Intelligences

    Summary of Mutliple IntelligencesDifferent students therefore different approaches to how each learns.
  • Education - Situtated Learning Theory

    Summary of Situated Learning A person can be influenced by their surrounding atmosphere in the acqusition of knowledge
  • Work - Emerging Distributed Workforce

    Work - Emerging Distributed Workforce
    Work at Home
    Work at home rather than at a central office is emerging
  • Society - Genetic Engineering of Food

    FLAVR SAVR - First Trademarked Genetic Engineered TomatoBy the late 1990.s , most crops were genetically engineered to resist mold, insects and disease. Due to the rise in population, crops need to mature and be resistant to spoilage. Society has decreased agricultural lands, in favor of housing.
  • Economics - Trade with China

    Trade barriers The Clinton administration enjoyed the best economic times in 3 decades as they tried to impove trade with China
  • Work - Dot-com Era

    Work - Dot-com Era
    History of Dot-com Business are working on their companies' web pages. It is an era of selling online or B2C(Business to Customer)
  • Advance - Sony

    Advance - Sony
    The Making of the First PlaystationReleased the first Playstation
  • Advance - Roslin Institue

    Advance - Roslin Institue
    First Mammal cloned - Dolly
  • Economics - Global Economy

    Economics - Global Economy
    Asian Market Boom Prosperity is showing but not just in the United States. Trade is moving into a global marketplace. European currencies are extinguished and one new currecny arrives, the euro.
  • Society - Internet Society

    Society - Internet Society
    Internet This decade ushered in The Internet and the World Wide Web usage. Hardware, software and technology that spanned the globe.
  • Work - Balanced Matrix

    Balanced Matrix2000 to Present: Rules are employed to restrict project managers from exploiting functional managers.
  • Education - Cooperative Learning

    Online Cooperative InstiutionsCooperative Learning and the Internet - shared cognitive load to fulfill a task. Online institutions to fulfill degrees.
  • Advance - Bell Labs - Molecular Transistor

  • Advance - Dekker - Nano-Transistor

    First nano Transistor invented
  • Advance - Apple- IPod

    Advance - Apple- IPod
    First Ad for IPodFirst version of IPod Released
  • Education - Emotional Learning Chip

  • Economics - Stock Market Decline

    Economics - Stock Market Decline
    S&P Decline Stock Market declines, rising oil prices and economic policies cause millions of dollars lost in stocks, 401K's and housing values. Unprecedented unemployment and credit debit beyond the Great Depression.
  • Society - Recession or Depression

    Society - Recession or Depression
    Age of New Energy Sources
    Spiraling oil proces and foreclosures in the 2008's have driven a need for alternative energy sources.
  • Society - Obama Elected

  • Work - Unemployment

    Bureau of LaborIn June of 2009, unemployment has reached 9.6%.
  • Economics - Unemployment

  • Wave - Biotechnology

    Wave - Biotechnology
    Wave 4 Not realized