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  • 9,000 BCE

    Egypt- Nile River Discovered!

    More than 12000 years ago people settled around the Nile River. People settled there because the land was so fertile.
  • 4,500 BCE

    Fertle Crescent- Food Surplus!

    The Euphrates and Tigris rivers Made the land between very, very Fertle. Because of this, there was a lot of crops and so people had a food surplus, or more than they had. Because of this, there was a division of labour, so people had different jobs.
  • 2,330 BCE

    Fertle Crescent- Sargon

    An Akkadian, Sargon wanted to make the Akkadian border larger, so he took control and became emperor. He created the world's first permanent army, which started a lot of wars.
  • 1,792 BCE

    Babylon- Hammurabi's Code

    Hammurabi became Babylon's king. He was the first person to create a collection of laws called "Hammurabi's Code". The code had 282 laws.
  • -800 BCE

    Phoenicia- The Alphabet was made!

    The Phoenicians created an alphabet very similar to what we have today, The alphabet was a new way of writing, putting characters together to form words
  • Rosetta Stone found!

    French soldier found the key to decipher the ancient Egypt's hieroglyphics.
  • Pharaoh Tut's pyramid gets raided!

    Treasure, such as jewelry, robes, burial masks, and ivory statues found in a pyramid never explored before.
  • Malaysia- Hammurabi's code inspired laws

    Hammurabi's code has inspired today's laws that relate to everyday life. It inspired today's punishments when you break laws.
  • Papyrus inspires paper

    Early Egyptian writing was written on scrolls; layers of reeds pressed together to form sheets. Those sheets have inspired today's paper
  • Period:
    10,000 BCE
    -500 BCE

    Early Fertle Crescent People

    Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Hittites, Kassites, Chaldeans, Phoenicians
  • Period:
    2,300 BCE
    1,700 BCE

    Indian Civilization

    Harrapan culture thrives.
  • Period:
    1,500 BCE
    -850 BCE

    New kingdom ending

    Egypt takes control of Kush, but about 200 years later, Kush gains independence again, thus ending the New kingdom in Egypt.