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2011 Libyan Revolution

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  • Fethi Tarbel Arrested

    Fethi Tarbel Arrested
    Tarbel Arrest Article
    Human rights activist Fethi Tarbel was arrested February 16, 2011 by Abdullah Senussi. Senussi at the time was intellegence cheif and he was also the brother-in-law to Col. Gaddafi. Tarbel was helping the organization of the "Day of Anger" which was scheduled for the 17th. The event was organized through the internet. Tarbel's arrest is what sparked the revolution
  • Revolution Begins

    Revolution Begins
    February 17 is the monumental day Libyans mark as the beginning of their revolution. People began protesting in Benghazi. Originally the "Day of Anger", was scheduled to be the 14th to remember the 14 people who were killed that same day in 2006. Demonstrators in 2006 were protesting Italian cartoons of he Prophet Mohammed. The event formed on the internet. Libyans were unsure of the date until Tarbel's arrest.
  • Attack on Misurata

    Attack on Misurata
    By the time February 24 came around, the revolution was in full swing. Misurata, a costal city 130 miles from Tripoli, was taken by rebels February 23. On the 24, citizens who were still loyal to their president attacked Misurata. Weapons such as rocket-propelled grenades and mortars, they attacked rebels guarding the airport. Rebels had seized an anti-aircraft gun and were using it against their opponet.
  • First Air Strikes

    First Air Strikes
    The first air strikes from Gaddafi's army took place on March 19. They were used to put Libyan rebels to a halt. The air strikes targeted Benghazi. Libyan rebels were successfuly put to a halt. The rest of the world called for Gaddafi to put a stop to the violence toward his people. The United Nations began to consider issuing a no-fly zone over Libya.
  • No-Fly Zone Over Libya

    No-Fly Zone Over Libya
    On March 17, 2011, the United Nations issued a no-fly zone over Libya. This was done to protect Libyans from Qaddafi, who was using air strikes to fight against the rebels. The UN debated if the no-fly zone over Libya was necessary. After the decision was made, they were glad they voted for it. By this time, Libyan rebels were already calling for foreign intervention.
  • NATO Missile Fired

    NATO Missile Fired
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    According to Libyan govenment, on April 30, 2011 a NATO missile hit a house in Tripoli. This missile killed Gaddafi's youngest son and 3 of his grand children. Although Gaddafi was in the house when the air strike hit, he survived. Reporters who were taken to the site of the strike say it was badly damaged. This strike urged Gaddafi to provide a long speech provided NATO stopped attacks.
  • ICC Warrents Gaddafi's Arrest

    ICC Warrents Gaddafi's Arrest
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    On June 27, 2011 the International Criminal Court issued the arrest for Gaddafi, his son and Abdulla al-Senussi (the man who sparked the revoultion by arresting Tarbel). Many questioned the motivations of the issued arrest. Others hoped that the arrest would put pressure on Gaddafi to give up his power. However, it was unlikely Gaddafi would surrender himself or his associates.
  • Rebels Enter Tripoli

    Rebels Enter Tripoli
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    The Libyan rebels entered Libya's capital, Tripoli. Gaddafi makes an audio address to the people of Tripoli and Gaddafi loyalists. He orders them to fight off the rebel "rats". The fighting in Tripoli lasted more than 3 days. The rebels successfully took Tripoli. However, Gaddafi and his family were nowhere to be found.
  • Obama Calls for Loyalists to Surrender

    Obama Calls for Loyalists to Surrender
    U.S. President Barack Obama announces that the U.S. Ambassator Gene Cretz is to return to Tripoli. While making this announcement, he calls for the remaining Gaddafi loyalists to surrender. The country celebrates the fall of Gaddafi's rule over Libya. Plans for new government were to come soon.
  • Gaddafi Killed

    Gaddafi Killed
    After 42 years of being in power, Gaddafi's rule over Libya was put to an end. Gaddafi was found hiding in a drainage pipe near his birthplace, the city of Sirte. He and his bodyguards were spotted by rebels who pulled him out of the pipe. The rebels physically harmed Gaddafi. Many videos were taken of the beaten tyrant. Gaddafi died on the way to the hospital and his body was taken to Misrata.