2000 tech timeline.

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    I was born!

    This was the year I was born. I was born in the age where Apple was never seen before tech and it was booming. Breaking all sorts of records, they released the iTunes Music store this year and it was the biggest jump back then, and the iPod which was released in 2001, was still booming.
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    Several new gadgets came out this year, several new computers came out, beating the last ones out and breaking records. Apple dropped their next mac, Sony also dropped a computer and a incredible (at the time) sound system. My family had several of these items. My mom bought her first Mac this year and it stuck around for quite some time!
  • 2006

    The Wii came out this year! This was probably one of the biggest parts of my childhood.
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    This year is probably one of the most revolutionary, YouTube and Twitter went global. The first forms of social media, it was new to everyone. I didnt use it then but I sure do use it now!
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    This was another big year for tech! Instagram was released, kindle fires came out, and adobe creative cloud started its journey through time. I currently use all of these things daily
  • 2012

    At this point, 5 billion people had internet access, internet and smartphones for everyone at this point was becoming the norm. my family is in those numbers!