2-Nicole Witt-Robert Louis Stevenson

  • Edgar Allan Poe dies

    Edgar Allan Poe dies
    Maryland, USA, 1849 Although not living when RLS is a writer, RLS is inspired by Poe and admires him as a writer.
  • Epidemics

    Human-Environment Interaction
    World-Wide, 1850 Diseases were spreading fast and RLS was very weak and frail since birth. Due to his failing health, he required to live in places that he would be less likely to be sick. Many new places brought experiences for him to write about, and he included them in "Weir of Hermiston," "The Ebb-Tide," and many more.
  • Period: to


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  • Birth

    Edinburg, Scotland Robert Louis Stevenson's birth; born into family of engineers; developed health issues early
  • Panic of 1857

    Panic of 1857
    Europe and U.S., 1857 Growing up in a falling economy can drastically alter one's life course. The Stevenson's were successful at what they did, but they needed the economy to help support the family. With people getting reckless and paniced, it is like "Treasure Island" in ways of people becoming hungry for money and not stopping until they get it.
  • Period: to

    American Civil War

    Southern United States, Northeastern United States, Western United States, Atlantic Ocean, 1861-1865 With war, men are needed, and Fanny's frist husband was off in war. She was unhappy with it and his infidelities, so she went to France. From there she met RLS, obtained a divorce, married RLS, and their new adventures produced writing matieral for RLS. Some writings were "The Amateur Emigrant," "Virginibus Puerisque," and "The Silverado Squatters."
  • Education *

    Education *
    Scotland, 1867 RLS Studies at Edinburg University, where originally planned to do engineering but then discovered true love for writing. This University helped him get a jump start in his career. The first published essay by RLS was "Roads."
  • First patented the telephone.

    First patented the telephone.
    United States, 1876 Alexander Graham Bell, also born in Edinburg, Scotland, gets the patent for the first telephone. RLS will benefit because commumication will be easier, and he can look forward to more communication to get his writing spread. As the stories became more modern, more unique technology had been introduced.
  • British Isles

    British Isles
    Human-Enviroment Interaction, Culture
    Northwest Europe, 1877 Although not created by RLS, the Isles' short story contains an important spot from RLS. It had been developed in America, France, and Russia, yet RLS initiated the tradition. This is the beginning of the publication of "A Lodging for the Night."
  • "A Lodging for the Night" *

    "A Lodging for the Night" *
    Portland, Maine 1877 RLS originally wrote this fictional narrative for a magazine. This was his first published fictional narrative. This and other stories, such as, "The Sire De Maletroit's Door" and "The Pavillion on the Links" were brought together to be published in one complete volume, "New Arabian Nights."
  • Lady of the Snows

    Lady of the Snows
    France, 1878 While hiking in France, RLS visits this Trappist monastery. This particular monastery was made known because RLS noted the trip in "Travels with a Donkey in the Cévennes." People were shocked to know RLS was a heretic, but he observed French life, religion, and politics in his work.
  • Electric Light

    Electric Light
    U.S.A., 1879 Thomas A. Edison invents electric light, which will be better writing conditions for RLS. With better conditions, more will be able to be written, expanding his publication list. Also, reading will become easier, along with travel. With easier reading comes more interest and better travel means more experiences for RLS to publish.
  • Marriage *

    Marriage *
    San Fansisco, 1880 After marrying Franny, she and RLS honeymooned in an abandoned coal mine in California. The experience was narrated in "The Silverado Squatters."
  • Treasure Island Map *

    Treasure Island Map *
    Scotland, Summer 1881 RLS and his stepson created a imaginary treasure map. This sparked RLS's mind, and it influenced him to write "Treasure Island," a now popular book.
  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Published *

    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Published *
    New York, 1886 RLS had a nightmare which inspired him to write this book. This is the most popular of his publishings and most relatable to people. Readers must follow this psychological tale and understand it represents the dual nature of humans.
  • Sir Conan Doyle

    Sir Conan Doyle
    Scotland, 1890 Like RLS, Doyle was born in Edinburg, Scotland. Growing up, both men had the same situations surrounding them. Doyle is also a successful writer, so he understand and can pick out quality work. He claimed that RLS's "The Pavilion on the Links" was the 'high-water mark of [Stevenson's] genius' and 'the first short story in the world (Menikoff 1990, p342)'
  • Women's Rights

    Women's Rights
    New Zealand, 1893 As RLS wrote, he hardly included women. As women gained more rights around the world, he would gain more respect for them and include them more in his writings. Some stories though, the darker such as "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," or the adventurous, such as "Treasure Island," women were scarcely used, only to be seen as weak.
  • Death

    Samoa Death from cerebral hemmorhage at age 44