• Tearing down Berlin Wall

    In this event the berlin wall has kept people from the inside from crossing the wall for years. Now its been taken down and people are walking freely out of this wall. In the book theres the wall that separates their town and the land of Faerie. This wall has not been passed in thousands of years with the exception of the Faerie market evry 9. Tristran Thorn will be the first to pass this wall, in a way he is “breaking” it down. I think the author was trying to make a small reference.
  • Release of the movie brave heart

    The setting of Braveheart is very similar to the village of wall in Stardust. Located in the UK and near central power of this general area. the author could have seen this movie and had gotten some ideas about the setting he wants in his book. Altho its not related to the plot in any way.
  • Impeachment

    The impeachment of william jefferson may not seem tied to Stardust but there is one way it could be. In chapter 3 the ruler of Stormhold where its eighty-first lord died, and power will fall to the one who retrieves his necklace. Here the ruler of a kingdom has been taken down from his post and a new one must come and claim his place. The impeachment of jefferson could have influenced Neil Gaiman to put something like this in his book.
  • 6,000,000,000

    On this day the human population hit six million. I think this made the author realize just how many people were out there, and how these people could vary from place to place. In the book it mentions of many people from many places. Because of this, I think that the population actually did have an effect on him and his writing.
  • Ciations

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