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  • Pac-Man video game released

  • 1981

    Assassination attempt on the pope.
    Assassination attempt on U.S president Reagan.
    First women appointed to the U.S supreme court.
  • 1982

    King Henry VIII's ship the Mary Rose raised after 437 years.
    Veitnam War memorial opened in Washington D.C.
  • 1983

    Soviets shoot down a Korean Airliner
  • 1984

    Huge poison gas leak in Bhopal, India.
    Indira Gandhi, india's prime minister, killed by two body guards.
  • 1985

    Wreck of the titanic found.
    New coke hits the markets.
    Famine in Ethiopia.
  • 1986

    Challenge space shuttle explodes.
    Chernobyl nuclear accident.
    U.S bomb Libya.
    U.S.S.R launches Mir space station.
  • 1987

    DNA first used to convict criminals.
    West german pilot lands unchallenged in Russia's red Square.