• Watergate

    Watergate was a scandle that lasted from June to aguste 1974.
    It was a political scandle.It delovped around the time of President Richard Nixon Resignation .
  • Saigon Falls

    Saigon Falls
    Vietnamese people were being evacuated and moved around. Because where they were at they were not safe from the war.
  • Elvis died

    Elvis died
    Elvis was found dead. He was found on the toilet is it said he had a heart attack. But it is believed the heart attack was caused from drug use and from forcing his body to do more work then it could handle.
  • John Lennon

    he was shot and killed. He had no chance of living through the gun shot wound
  • economy

    the economy was horrible. no matter what people did to fix it they could not make it better as hard as they tried they failed.
  • Ronald Regan President again

    He is President again and he plans on making the US better then what it is.
  • regan shot

    regan was shot but not killed he was rushed to the hospital. and everyone did not think he was gonna make it through,.
  • AIDS

    Aids it is thought to be only for gays.
    and that they are the only people who can get it and if you have it you can and most likely will die from it.
  • dessert stom war

    the start of the war. It was a easy win for us
  • Iraqu surrender

    we won the Iraqu stopped fighting.
  • Magic Johnson

    Magic Johnson
    Magic Johnson has Aids and had to stop playing basketball.
    He now tells about how it effects him and how its only gays that can get Aids.
  • cops beat black man

    2 cops brutally beat a black guy.
    he was not mad at the cops but other people were so they started to rebel and do things to the cops and try to make them pay when the cops were found not guilty forthe assult