1960s Sports

  • World Series

    World Series
    In the 7th game in the World Series, Bill Mazeroski hit a home run that allowed the Pittsburgh Pirates to win the championship over the New York Yankees. This was the first time the World Series was ended by a home run and is still the only time it has happened in a final game.
  • Roger Maris

    Roger Maris
    In 1961, Roger Maris of the New York Yankees hit 61 home runs to pass Babe Ruth's longstanding 60 home run record.
  • F.A. Cup

    F.A. Cup
    The F.A. Cup Soccer Final in London was the first telecast of an overseas sporting event on Wide World of Sports. Twenty minutes into the match, Len Chalmers was tackled and broke his right leg. However, he continued to play the rest of the game. "Poor old Chalmers" is a famous phrase that is still used today.
  • Warriors

    On March 2, 1962, the Philadelphia Warriors played the New York Knicks. Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points to contribute to the win against the Knicks. This is still the highest point total scored in a NBA game.
  • World Figure Skating

    World Figure Skating
    The World Figure Skating Championships was broadcasted for the first time from Prague, Czechoslovakia. Maria and Otto Jelinek won the gold medal for Canada in the pairs. In 1949, they and their families had escaped from Czechoslovakia. The Jelinek family was very important in Czechoslovakia, but were persecuted by the Gestapo during the German occupation and their property was taken by the communist government.
  • The First Super Bowl

    The First Super Bowl
    The Green Bay Packers won the first NFL Super Bowl in 1967. It was not even sold out! This helped football become the most popular sport in America.
  • Swimming Record

    Swimming Record
    The first American record in the 100-yard butterfly is set by Mark Spitz at the AAU Indoor Championships in Dallas.
  • Mickey Mantle

    Mickey Mantle
    Mickey Mantle hits his 500th home run.
  • Second Super Bowl

    Second Super Bowl
    The Green Bay Packers won their second championship game against the Oakland Raiders 33-14.
  • Summer Olympics

    Summer Olympics
    In the 1960 Summer Olympics, Wilma Rudolph won three gold medals in track & field. Wilma overcame polio as a child.