events in 10 years

  • Bicycle

    I was very excited about my first bike. I chose a black one.
  • Yellowstone national park

    I found out that a geyser was made of super heated gas from underground.
  • Balmoria springs

    There were many fishes around the area I was swimming in.
  • get a scooter

    I was getting tired of my bicycle...
  • get a new backpack

    It was a special backpack with a compass and a portable watch.
  • first time fast food

    I finally went to Mcdonalds for the first time.
  • Christmas

    get a present for christmas, a set of legos.
  • go to farm

    saw a cow , milked a goat, and collected eggs.
  • India

    On my summer break, I went to India. They have beautiful temples there.
  • present

    Igot a set of legos.
  • moving

    my uncle moved to louisiana
  • my brother graduates from elementary

    he is going to be excited about going to middle school.
  • invention of plant with no roots

    my dad invented a plant with no roots and requires no water
  • out of middle school

    finally, highschool !!!!!