In The Time of Butterflies

By juliari
  • Period: to

    The Rule of Trujillo

    During this time,Trujillo ruled the Dominican Repulic before he was assasinatied.
  • Gandhi and Nehru are Arrested

    Gandhi and Nehru are Arrested
    British East Indies Viceroy Willingdon arrested Gandhi & Nehru.
  • New Environmental Policies

    New Environmental Policies
    Trujillo created the nation's first national park. He banned the slash and burn method of clearing land for agriculture. He greatly expanded the Vedado del Yaque which is a nature reserve aroud the Yaque de Sur River.
  • Re-Elections

    Trujillo promoted himself to generalissimo of the army and was up for re-election. There was no organized opposition in the country and he was elected as the sole candidate on the ballot.
  • Santo Domingo

    Santo Domingo
    Santo Domingo's name was changed by Trujillo to "Ciudad Trujillo".
  • Massacred!

    There were thousands of Haitain immigants that were massacred in the Dominican Republic under the dictator Trujillo. An estimated 30,000 Haitians and black Dominicans were rounded up and executed.
  • The Domican Party

    The Domican Party
    Trujillo declared that Haiti was harboring his former Dominican opponents. Therefore, he made the Dominican Pary the nation's sole legal polictical pary but the country had efectively neen a one-party state since trujillo's swear in.
  • Marraige Bans In Italy

    Marraige Bans In Italy
    Italian regime bans marriages between Italians & Abyssinians.
  • A New School

    A New School
    All of the Mirabal sisters, except Mate, go to Inmaculada Conceptcion, a boarding school. They meet Sinita, a girl who runs into lots of trouble and they learn about Trujillo's bad ways.
  • Immigration

    Trujillo donated 26,000 acress of his properties for settlements due to an angreement that was signed that said the country was willing to accept many jews and offer to accept up to 100,000 refugess on generous terms.
  • Finland Bombed

    Finland Bombed
    Apart of World War II, Soviets bomb cities in Finland.
  • Fight For Rights

    Fight For Rights
    Minerva Bernardino led a fight for expanded rights in the new constitution.
  • Minerva's Big Performance

    Minerva's Big Performance
    Minerva performs for the indepence day celebration and sees Trujillo. Sinita tries to kill Trujillo with a bow and arrow during the performace. From here on out, Minerva can't stand Trujillo.
  • Maria's Diary

    Maria's Diary
    Maria Theresa gets her first diary from Minerva. She starts to record her thoughts.
  • Mate Learns the Truth

    Mate Learns the Truth
    Mate had to bury her diary because she had mentioned Hilda in it. She learns that her country wasn't as safe as she thought it was and that Trujillo wasn't the same either. Her eyes slowly because open.
  • A Religious Pilrimage

    A Religious Pilrimage
    Patria, Mama, and some others go on a religious pilgrimage to the Capital, Higuey. Soon her faith is restored.
  • Patria's Losses

    Patria's Losses
    Patria loses her baby at birth. This causes her to lose her faith and also to start realizing more about Trujillo.
  • A Failed Invasion

    A Failed Invasion
    Juan Bosch worked as a personal secretary to Cuba's President Carlos Prio Socarras. He participated in the ill-fated attempt to organize an anti-trujillo invasion.
  • The Proposal

    The Proposal
    Jamito proposes to Dede. Meanwhile, Lio was hiding in the back of the car.
  • Extra Family

    Extra Family
    Minerva sees four girls at a yellow house that have the same eyes as her father. She realizes her father had an affair and she has four other sisters she wasn't aware of. When she confronts her father about it, he slaps her.
  • Party Time

    Party Time
    Minerva and her family go to Trujillo's Party. She dances with Trujillo and brings up the fact the she wants to become a lawyer. By accident she slips about knowing Lio and Trujillo becomes sexually aggressive with her. To get him away, Minerva slaps him.
  • Mate's Rough Patch

    Mate's Rough Patch
    Papa died soon after the heartattack. At this time, Mate was 18 and she has a really hard time dealing with his death. At his funeral, she learns about his second family and she feels very shameful.
  • Chief Trujillo

    Chief Trujillo
    A new rule made by Trujillo ordered every household to hang a plaque that read "In this house, Trujillo is chief."
  • Pact of Baghadad

    Pact of Baghadad
    Pakistan signs the Pact of Baghdad.
  • Nuclear Test

    Nuclear Test
    The US performs a nuclear test at the Nevada Test Site.
  • Mate's Getting Married

    Mate's Getting Married
    Mate meets Leandro, a guy who was delivering ammuntion to Minerva and her husband. They fall in love and eventually he proposes to her.
  • Baby on Board

    Baby on Board
    Patria become pregant again with another son. She names him Raul Ernesto. She turns to church for a lot of guidence.
  • Relations are Broke

    Relations are Broke
    Trujillo breaks relations with Cuba not long after Castro took power.
  • Bombs Dropped

    Bombs Dropped
    While on a retreat, Patria experiences a church in Constanza getting bombed. She also sees a young boy get shot. It reminds her of her own son.
  • Dede Joins the Team

    Dede Joins the Team
    The sisters ask Dede if they can bury boxes on her land but Jamito says no. Later, Dede plans to leave Jamito. She listens to Lio on the underground radio.
  • The Arrests

    The Arrests
    The SIMs come for the family. They arrest Leandro, Nelson, Pedrito, Manolo, Mate, and Minerva.Nelson and Pedrito's house is ransacked and burned.
  • Pedrito's Deal

    Pedrito's Deal
    Captain Pena pays a visit and tells Patria that the SIM made her husband an offer. He would get his freedom and farm back if he divorced Patria, but Pedrito refused.
  • Home Safe

    Home Safe
    Nelson is released and returns home but Pedrito didn't return.
  • Dede is Alone

    Dede is Alone
    Dede sells life-insurance. All of her dead sisters are national celebreities and she waits for a reporter
  • Dede's Job

    Dede's Job
    By now, Dede is 69 years old. She takes care of the family property with the help of servants. People come often through the house and museum dedicate to the family.
  • Guilt and Memories

    Guilt and Memories
    Dede lives with guilt and sadness. She has all the memories of the revolution with her.