1930s time line

  • first women senator

    First Woman Senator
    Feb 15, 1930 - Cairine Reay Wilson was the first woman appointed to the Senate in Canada.
  • united farmers win

    united farmers win
    United Farmers Win
    Jun 19, 1930 - In Alberta provincial elections, the United Farmers under John Edward Brownlee maintained the government they had formed since 1924.
  • Conservatives Win Election

    Conservatives Win Election
    Conservatives Win Election
    Jul 28, 1930 - In a federal election, the Conservatives won a majority with 137 seats to the Liberals' 91. The UFA held 10 and the Progressives dropped to 2. R.B. Bennett became prime minister.
  • R.B bennett become pm

    R.B. Bennett Becomes PM
    Aug 7, 1930 - R.B. Bennett was sworn in as prime minister.