5 Years of My Life and 5 of My Future

  • new years

    I mis read a clock and thought it was 11:45 instead of 9:50. I was staying with my grandparents and they went along with but told me in the morning.
  • leap day 04

    Leap day 2004
  • Parents wedding

    down here, but I lived in San Antonio. Awesome reception with lots of food and a moon bounce.
  • moved to the valley

    Fourth grade at Ed Downs
  • chess state

    The Ed Downs Chess team went to state. near this time
  • Leap Day 2009

    Leap Day and Aunt Donna's and Uncle Alex's Wedding
  • Idea

    First Day at Idea
  • Merry Christmas!

    I got a wii and a trampoline and a new power cord for my gamecube( I lost mine) .
  • Texas State Scholastic Chess Tournament

    it started on this day
  • Chess Tourney. Day 2

    We got 2 trophies, but couldn't afford the trip to the national tournament.
  • Happy Birthday!

    My 13th Birthday! Last month! I had an awesome party!
  • Today

  • 8th Grade

    Next year
  • 9th Grade

    Beginning of Highschool
  • 9th Grade

    I can almost drive with a passenger who has a drivers license.
  • I get a Drivers license.

    and a job.
  • 5 years from now

  • graduation !

    around this time I will graduate from high school.