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  • Immigration

    This political cartoon depicts immigration in the 20's. This particular picture shows one example of how the United States became a melting pot of race,culture, and religion.
  • Swinging

    On this day the Savoy Ballroom opened it's doors. This ballroom was a perfect place for new dance and music styles to come alive. This is arguablly one of the first time Swing Jazz had been played in Ballroom Settings.
  • The Great Wall Street Crash

    The Great Wall Street Crash
    American economy came to a sudden end in october of 1929. The huge source of wealth which was portrayed in America was a blind illusion. Wall Street crashed from overproduction of goods and stock holders pulling out of the Stockmarket.
  • Nevada Legalizes Gambling

    Nevada Legalizes Gambling
    This event is a major social issue in U.S. History. President Hoover approves Nevada to legalize gambling. This is important because Nevada wanted to be a tourist state. This allowed Nevada to create sin city....otherwise known as Las Vegas.
  • The Newyorker

    The Newyorker
    This book shows a drunken African American passed out in the street. This portrayed how the rich white man viewed black men in the city. This book raised racial tension in New York and other highly populated cities.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous

    Alcoholics  Anonymous
    Was originally created for men and women to share their experiences and hope for being relieved of their commone problem. Alcoholics Anonymous has helped many men and women.
  • Executive Order 9066

    Executive Order 9066
    This order was signed by FDR. It confined 110,000 Japanese Americans (75,000 citizens) on the west coast into relocation camps in WWII. These camps lasted three years.
  • Detroit Race Riots

    Detroit Race Riots
    Race riots in Detroit and Harlem causes 40 deaths and 700 injuries. 25,000 Packard Plant workers stopped work and protested due to the promotion of 3 black workers. During the strike a voice outside the plant reportedly shouted,"I'd rather see hitler and Hirohito win than work beside a nigger on the assembly line.
  • G.I. Bill of Rights

    G.I. Bill of Rights
    On this day the G.I. Bill of Rights was signed in to law, providing benefits to war veterans.
  • First Color T.V

    First Color T.V
    On this day the first color televison was sold. Colored t.v revolutionized media in the U.S.
  • Racial Segragation

    Racial Segragation
    Racial Segragation is ruled unconstituional.