1890s to 1901 (the colonial peariod)

By kats5A
  • The start of colonisation

    Pemulwuy and his son Tedbury, launch a guerrilla style
    Campaign of aboriginal resistants and it lasts for even more than a decade!!! This effects the long term by the amount of aboriginal language that remains today but also how many families are in Australia now!!!
  • corruptive theatres

    After 4 year’s operation, guvnor king closes the first theatre in the colony for being a corruptive influents and catholic mass was aloud in public for the first time in Australia.
  • wool rises

    The first batch of commercial merino wool leaves Sydney for England. By 2000, 80% of merino wool will come from Australia which is excellent for money problems!!!
  • over crowding with sheep and peaple.

    There are nearly 40,000 people in NSW. Only one quarter of children in the colony are going to primary schools even though there are two million sheep and rapidly growing!!!
  • The wish of tranceport

    In England, hulk gangs have “a general wish for transport”
    No matter how much the government tries, criminals in Britain still think Australia is a chance to start again!!!
  • the end of transportation

    The end of transportation to Australia by this time 150,000 convicts are now to be sent to the colonies. All convicts are to be sent to Van Diemens Island. Now known as Daemons Island. It will lower the risk of overcrowding and severe punishments. In the future immigration will be by choice rather than forced.
  • gold strikes then football strikes

    The first recorded Australian rules football between two schoolboys in a Scottish college at Melbourne Grammar. It was played where the Melbourne cricket ground now stands. Football was introduced to Australia and now AFL is very popular. If it had not been introduced at this time future introduction of games may have had different rules created possibly without as much fun as it is today.
  • horse race

    In the first ever Melbourne Cup horse race in 1861, the Sydney outsider Archer wins the prize, which was at that time 710 gold sovereigns, (the currency at the time) and also a hand beaten gold watch. Archer also won the following year.
    Aboriginals might be angry an scared at a new animal being introduced to their country and even more angry at their source of gold being taken away from them. In the longer term horse racing became a very popular source of entertainment and sport.
  • urbanisation overflow

    Australia with 37% of its population living in towns and cities has an even greater degree of urbanisation then even the US. This means that the land has been taken over by buildings, Aboriginals have lost their land which would cause a fight for their freedom and ownership of land. More pollution into the air affecting plants and animals. In the long term it affects the population of Australia and the amount of advanced technology.
  • womens rights

    South Australian women were given the right to vote and to stand for government. It was a world first and over 30 years before the UK gave women the right to vote. Womens views were included in the governing of the country. Women have had more say in the way Australia has developed and if women had not been granted the vote Julia Gillard would not be prime minister today.
  • a new century

    A new century, ‘The story of the Kelly Gang’ was the first feature- length-film. It was shown in Melbourne. This film could have inspired more criminals. More feature-length-films were made when this one was a success. The story of Ned Kelly was made famous then and he is still a well know folk hero today here and abroad.