1848 Kit

By mmk0783
  • Hungarians demand independence

    Hungarians demand independence
  • Student risings in Vienna

    Student risings in Vienna
  • Metternich resigns

  • Liberal legislation of Hungarian autonomy begins

  • Liberal legislation of Hungarian autonomy ends

  • Czechs promised a constituent of assembly

  • Roman Republic established

  • Garibaldi agreed with the king of Piedmont, Victor Emmanuel, to give his conquered land to Piedmont thus connecting north and south Italy

  • Venice surrenders

  • New Regime established

  • It had led the Zollverein, which had continued to prosper, and by 1853 every German state had joined it. Prussia was also a dynamic state.

  • Crimean War

  • Hungary became an autonomous state, joined to Austria only through the emperor, Franz Joseph, who became king of Hungary, and through common policies for defense and diplomacy

  • Austria, growing tired of the nationalistic movement, invaded Piedmont on April 29, 1859. France quickly advanced a large sum of troops in support of Piedmont; however, both sides had little tactical brilliance and suffered great losses.

  • The leader of the movement to annex Southern Italy was Giuseppe Garibaldi. One night in May 1860, Garibaldi along with roughly 1000 volunteers sailed to Sicily, a city on a southern island of Italy

  • Italy aquires Venicia

  • Austro-Prussain War

  • Franco-Prissian War