Indian land for sale

Settler Colonialism: Humboldt County and Beyond

  • Doctrine of Discovery

    Doctrine of Discovery
  • Floods

  • Fugitive Slave Act

    National law to return runaway slaves to their masters.
  • Indian Boarding School

    Indian Boarding School
    Force attendance schools set up throughout California
  • Foreign Miners Tax

    A fee to limit access to citizens
  • Gold Rush

    Gold Rush
  • McKee Treaty Making

  • Land Claims to Settlers

  • Fort Gaston

  • Fort Humboldt

    Fort Humboldt
  • Red Cap Rebellion

  • First Federal Land Office in Humboldt County

  • Indian Island Massacre

  • 1st Railroad

  • Hoopa Valley Reservation Formed

  • Chinese Exclusion Act

  • Dawes Allotment Act

    Dawes Allotment Act
  • Land Fraud

  • Forest Service Restrictions on Gathering

  • Lumber Strikes Eureka

  • Phone Lines in Hoopa

  • Ancient Redwoods Harvesting

    Ancient Redwoods Harvesting
  • Humboldt Normal School founded

    Humboldt Normal School founded
  • Highway Systems

  • Native American Religious Act

  • Native American Citizenship Act

  • Fire Act

  • Indian Right to Vote

    Indian Right to Vote
  • California General Strike

  • California Repatriation

  • Ben Wilder Karuk

  • Japanese Internment

  • Bracero Program

    Bracero Program
  • Lumber Worker Strikes

  • McCarthyism

  • Operation Wetback

  • Flooding

  • Fishing Rights for Tribes

    Fishing Rights for Tribes
  • Flooding

  • Civil Rights Act

  • UFW Grape Boycott

    UFW Grape Boycott
  • Redwood National Park Established

  • Weather Underground

  • Black Panther Party

  • Brown Berets

    Brown Berets
  • Butler Valley Dam

  • Fish Inns Water Turned Off

  • Earth Day

    Earth Day
  • Northcoast Environmental Center Established

  • Stop at Two - Arcata

  • Dam water shut off - Interior Dept.

  • Period: to

    Judi Bari Activism

  • Redwood Summer Forest Actions

    Redwood Summer Forest Actions
  • Makah

    First whale since 1920's in the river
  • "Salmon is Everything" Play

  • Dying for Water

    Radio program produced by Joseph Orozco, KIDE and Rhoby Cook
  • 1st Sovereign Day

  • Operation "Hold the Line" at the Border

  • Zapatistas in Chiapas

    Zapatistas in Chiapas
  • Period: to

    AZ de Humboldt

  • Patriot Act

  • Salmon Fish Kill

    Salmon Fish Kill
  • Undam the Klamath

    Undam the Klamath
  • Period: to

    H.C. Convivial Research Group

  • Period: to

    People Actions for Rights and Community

  • People Against the Raids in Arcata

  • Secure Communities

  • Sun Valley ICE Raid

  • Period: to

    Richardson Grove

  • Arab Spring - Tunisia

  • Occupy Humboldt

  • Penobscot Dam Removal - Maine

  • MIW Canada

  • Idle No More

  • Anti-Fracking

  • CA Trust Act