• Period: to

    The Haitian Revolution

    This inspired free and enslaved black Americans, and terrified white Americans.
  • Adams runs for president

    Adams lost to the republicans in a bitter and complicated presidential election.
  • USS Chesapeake

    Many Americans called for war when the British attacked the USS Chesapeake.
  • The War Of 1812

    This war was between the United States and Britain offered new opportunities for Tecumseh and his followers.
  • Period: to

    War of 1812

  • Adams and Jackson debate

    Adams and Jackson square off for president, in the end Jackson wins
  • Period: to

    The cotton boom and the high demand for slaves

    Cotton was a very high demand not only in the north but also in parts of Europe. Because cotton was a big thing, the south needed more slaves to handle the cotton plantations.
  • The panic of 1837

    The bank crashed and left a lot of people without money which means they were thrown on the streets
  • The Colored Americans.

    This was an early black newspaper. This once professed that “no one who can reads, with an unprejudiced mind, the history of . . . can doubt the capacity of colored men, nor the property of removing all their disabilities.”
  • The liberty party

    This was formed under the leadership of Jame G. Barney.
  • The manifest destiny

    Although it didn’t come to the name of the Manifest Destiny until 1845 it was already widely spread though. It was vaguely defined brief that dates back to the founding of the nation. The name was coined by John Louis O’Sullivan.
  • Period: to


    South Carolina leds this and ends with Tennessee.
  • Period: to

    The civil war

    The war between the north (the union) and the south (the confederacy)