• Genie was found. (social isolation)

    13 year old girl is discovored in a room she had been locked in for ten years.
  • I was born (Norm)

    I was born (Norm)
  • I was baptised. (Values)

  • Brad Nowell Dies (Taboo)

    Brad Nowell Dies (Taboo)
    Legendary Lead Singer of Sublime dies due to a heroin overdose. R.I.P.
  • My first concert (Culture)

    My first concert (Culture)
    NSYNC was my favorite band when I was a little girl.
  • Twin Towers Fall (Suicide)

    Twin Towers Fall (Suicide)
    Tradgedy strikes America when two suicidal hijackers crash planes into the twin towers killling 2,974 excluding the hijackers.
  • President Bush Declares War (Ideology)

  • Martha Stewart Get Screwed (White Collar Crime)

  • P. Diddy Changed his name to Diddy (Superego)

  • Mel Gibson disses Jews (Prejudice)

    While getting arrested because of a DUI, he makes obscene and racist comments about Jewish people.
  • Britney Spears Shaves Head (Deviant)

  • I got hired at Party City (Income)

    My first job!
  • Obama is Elected (Equality)

    Obama is Elected (Equality)
    First Black President is elected.
  • My best friend leaves to join the army. (patriotism)

    I Miss You Casey!!!
  • Chris Brown Beats Rihanna (Crime)

  • I will finally get my license. (Self Reliance)