1750-1918 Major events

  • The IndustrialRevolution

    The Industrial Revolution was a time of change were changes occured. It effected our industry by new technology, textile manufacturing, iron, printing, papermaking, and engineering industries. The most significant machines were steam engines and the machines used to make cloth.
  • The French and Indian War

    The war in which Britain fought against French soldiers and Native Americans to take over their landThis is an important event that led to the revoultion of the colonies.
  • The Amercian Revolution

    The Amercian revoltuion was bewteen Britian and Amercian Colonies for Independence. Both Parties battled for control, The following year the U.S, Decalred its Indpenedence as a new nation.
  • The French Revolution

    The French Revolution was started by citzens unhappy by French politics. A group of people at the bottom of society rebbeled aganist the top. This resulted in a bloody war were thousands were killed including King Louis XVI.
  • The First Fleet

    The First Fleet is important as it is the beginning of the white race in Australia.James Cook and his crew came and fought the indigenous for its land, to sends convicts to Australia. Also its arrival on Sydney Cove in 1788 has been made into Australia Day in which we now celebrate every year on the 26th of January
  • George Washington Elected First President of America

    He took his oath of being the first President of the United States on the 30th of April, 1789. He stopped being President in 1797. After only having less than three years of retirement at Mount Vernon, George Washington died of a throat infection on December 14, 1799.
  • Napoleon's Try of Conquering Russia

    Napoleon failed to conquer Russia and started off his retreat on October 19, 1812 This event changed history because if it wasn't for this defeat Napoleon would've conquered much more space and territory.
  • cancellation of slavery

    The first Slavery Abolition Act in 1833 was passed in England that gave freedom to many slaves. This did not ended slavery fully, but it helped to the cancellation of slavery in other countries later on.
  • The Australian gold rush

    The gold rushes in Australia changed the face of Australia by the rapid increase of population. Edward Hargraves claimed the frist discovery of payable gold in Bathurst NSW. Eight months later payable gold was found in Ballart, Victoria.
  • Abraham Lincoln Assassination

    Abraham Lincoln Assassination took place on Good Friday, when the civil war was finshing up. Lincoln was the first Americian president to be assassinated. The orginal plan was to kidnap the President but it ended out being assassination. Only 10 days before Abraham Lincoln dreamed that president of the white house was killed by assassination.
  • First Country Allowing Women to Vote - New Zealand

    New Zealand become the first to allow women to vote. This important event in history lead to other countries allowing women to vote and the rights of women.
  • The Hanging of Ned Kelly

    Kelly and his gang were infamous through Australia in the 1870s for highway robbery, bank hold-ups and shoot-outs with local police. After going on the run in 1878, the gang also made unusual bullet-proof, plate-metal armour and helmets from farm tools, which gave them their well-know look. He cemented his place in history as an Australian folk hero, and h Legend holds that before he died he simply said "Such is Life"
  • First Olympic Games Held

    The summer Olympic games were held in Athens, Greece in April 1896. 241 people competed in the games all coming from 14 different countries. The events were: Cycling, fencing, athletics, gymnastics, swimming, shooting, tennis, weightlifting and wrestling.
  • The Boer War

    The Boer War was bewteen the Dutch-Afrikaner and the British in South Africa for raw materials like gold and diamond, Nations like australia got involed and jailed for shooting prisoners.
  • Australia Becomes a Fedartion

    The Commonwealth of Australia is formed. New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland and Tasmainia form one nation. Sir Henry Parkes a major part of this process along with New Zeland who decided not to be apart of it.
  • Henry Ford

    Invented the "Ford" company that created the first vehicles available for everyone. Important event that contributed to the devoplment of automobiles.
  • Titanic Contruction Began

    The worlds biggest ship The Titanic was built. The ship was approximatley 270 meters long and 53.3 meters wide, and could hold around 3,500 passengers. The titanic was consturced by Amercian J.P Morgan. It was finsihed late May of 1911.
  • Titanic Sunk

    The Titanic sank on the 14-15 of april 1912 around 11:40 to 2:20 after stirking an ice-berg, and broke the end off. the front bit star. The titanic was carrying close 2,223 passengers and out of those 1,523 of them were found dead or declared dead 705 were saved.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    A legal document of peace settlement after world war one ended. The Treaty was singed at the Verasilles Palace in France because it was so big. The treaty was singed on the 28th of june after alot of arguments and negotiation bewteen "The big three".
  • A.F.F Assasinated

    Franz Ferdinand was killed age 51. He was killed by a serbian after they threw a grenade under AFF car. This sparked the WW1..
  • World War 1

    Austria-Hungary declared war on Russia. Later, Germany declared war on France. Throughout the whole war many soliders died of posions and toxics. There were millons soldiers that died, and had a huge impact in the economy, and development of new weapons, economic issues, and m,ore wars. Austrlia and NZ fought The Turkish. Many died, 8709 Australians died, and 2,701 New Zealander died, 17,924 Australians and 4852 New Zealanders were wounded.