• 7 year war the french and the indians

    the war lasted from 1756 to 1763 .
  • American Revolution Smith writes weealth of nations

    As the American Revolution begin this scottish philosopher Adam Smith published the wealth of nations which the most influential book on maret economics
  • french revelution begins

  • haitian independence

  • Congress of Vienna

    although interrupted y the 100 days and trouble rivalries the cogrress acheived a settelement which remain in force in much of central and eastern Europe
  • 1st opium war in china

    opium was carried to China in the middle of the 18th century,and it was known to be produced and used in China two century before that time.
  • Europenan Revolution Marx and engles write communist manifesto

  • commodore perry opens japan

    president Millard fillmore orfered Mathew C Perry to command the Us navy to estblish diplomatic relations with Japan
  • sepoy mutiny

  • end of russian sefdom

  • Emanciption proclamation in US

    freed of the confederate states in rebellion against the union
  • German Unification

  • berlin conference divion of africa

    berlin west africam conference carves africa into spheres of control
  • spanish american war

  • boer war british in control of south africa

    this war was fought between the Britishh and the desendant of the dutch settler (boer)
  • russo japanese war

  • Mexican revolution

  • chinese Revolution end of dynastic China

    corruption was serious,inefficient emperors, politcal decentralization,and mant more problems
  • independence in Latin America