1700 - 1800

  • separation of Delaware

    Delaware was was granted a charter to separate from Pennsylvania
  • founding of Mobile

    mobile Alabama was founded by the french
  • arming of the enslaved

    Carolina allows slaves to be armed during war
  • birth of Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston Massachusetts
  • New York Slave Revolt of 1712

    a group of Black men started to take up arms against their masters causing the death nine white men, and the arrest of seventy blacks men
  • Treaty of Utrecht

    this treaty ended the Queen Anne's war
  • founding of New Orleans

    the french found the town of New Orleans
  • The Pennsylvania Gazette

    Benjamin Franklin starts the Pennsylvania Gazette, which becomes the most popular newspaper in the colonies
  • birth of George Washington

    George Washington is born on February 22 in Virginia
  • George Whitefield starts preaching throughout the colonies

    George Whitefield brings the first great awakening with his belief that the average christen can have a relationship with God
  • Period: to

    war of Jenkins' Ear

    a war between Spain and England, which involved the Spanish and English colonies
  • Period: to

    King George's war

    is the name of the war in the colonies, that helped form the Austrian session
  • Albany Congress

    the first time in the 18th century that the American colonies sent representatives to discuss a formal union
  • Period: to

    French Indian war

    a war over land near the Ohio river between the English, and the French and Indians
  • Treaty of Paris

    a treaty ending the French Indian war, with most of Frances land in North America going to England and Spain
  • enacting of the Stamp Act

    this act places a heavy tax on most printed materials
  • removal of Stamp Act

    the Stamp act is ended, but in its places is the Declaratory Act which allows Parliament to have full power over the colonies
  • Boston massacre

    British troops confronted a group of colonists, who they believed were forming a mob, leading to the death of several men.
  • Boston Tea Party

    a protest by the colonists that involved throwing boxes of tea from the east India trading compony into the bay
  • united states gain independence

    the colonies stand against Britton, gaining independents from it
  • France recognizes the American Flag

    France acknowledged the independence of America
  • treaty of Paris

    a treaty signed between America and England ending the revolutionary war
  • ratifying of the constitution

    Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey ratify the Constitution
  • ratifying of the Bill of Rights

    this listed the various rights of American citizens
  • treaty of Madrid

    this treaty established borders for the Spanish and American colonies