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  • Northern War Begina

    Northern War Begina
    Poland, Russia and Denmark attack Sweden, beginning the 21-year Northern War
  • Britain Fights Spain

    Britain Fights Spain
    Britain declares war on Spain, partly in a mood of indignation over Captain Jenkins' ear
  • France Declared War During Other War

    France Declared War During Other War
    France formally declares war on Britain half way through the War of the Austrian Succession
  • Franklin Designs Stove

    Franklin Designs Stove
    Franklin publishes his design for an improved stove in Account of the New Invented Pennsylvania Fire Place
  • Seven Years War

    Seven Years War
    Frederick the Great again precipitates a European conflict, marching without warning into Saxony and launching the Seven Years' War
  • Seven Years War Ends

    Seven Years War Ends
    A treaty signed in Paris ends the Seven Years' War between Britain, France and Spain
  • Condensor Invented

    Condensor Invented
    James Watt ponders on the inefficiency of contemporary steam engines and invents the condenser
  • First Steam Wagon

    First Steam Wagon
    French inventor Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot successfully tests a steam wagon, probably the first working mechanical vehicle
  • Paul Revere Captured

    Paul Revere Captured
    Paul Revere is one of the US riders taking an urgent warning to Concord, but he is captured on the journey
  • Washington Defeats British

    Washington Defeats British
    George Washington defeats the British at Trenton at a psychologically important moment in the course of the war
  • George Washington First President

    George Washington First President
    George Washington, unanimously elected first president of the United States, is inaugurated on Wall Street in New York
  • Hilltop Signals and More

    Hilltop Signals and More
    French inventor Claude Chappe develops a hilltop signalling system, for which he coins the words telegraph and semaphore
  • Cottin Gin Invented

    Cottin Gin Invented
    Eli Whitney invents the cotton gin, enormously speeding up the process of separating cotton fibres from the seeds
  • John Adams Second President

    John Adams Second President
    The election in the USA brings in a Federalist president (John Adams) and a Republican vice-president (Thomas Jefferson)