• Painting

    In the year 1700 a man named Giordano Luca painted the painting The Dream of St. Joseph. It was made in Italy, on an oil on canvas. This piece of art is now hanging in the Indianapolis Musem of Art.
  • Law

    In 1701 the law of being divorced was legalized in Maryland. This law meant that if a husband and wife wished to become separated, they could now do so. (For people who lived in South Carolina you wern't able to do so until the year 1949) This law is still used today in the United States.
  • King Charles XII of Sweden

    King Charles XII of Sweden
    In 1702 Charles XII was the King of Sweden. He was a highly intelligent ruler, with a very good knowledge of philosophy, art, math, and architecture. Charles took over the thrown from his father Charles XI, who died in 1697.
  • Stagecoach

    In 1703 the stagecoach was a new, improved and a great way to help get around. Stagecoaches were great for a long days travel, they carried the mail as well as passengers. A major stagecoach company was Cobb & Co in Australia.
  • Boston News Letter

    Boston News Letter
    The Boston News Paper had its first printed issue on April 24th, 1704. John Campbell was the first writer and editor of the Boston Newspaper. This was a local paper that told everyone what was going on in the area. Some of the things the paper would cover would be, the latest fashion trends, new books, deaths, political affairs and much more!
  • Book

    In 1705 a very popular book called The Redeemed captive (returning to Zion) was written by John Williams. The people and critics of America loved this book so much, that they gave Williams the National Book Award Winner prize. This book is about a English family who have just arrived in Massachusetts America, that had been taken over by Indians. Throughout the book, Williams tells his family story of struggle and survival.
  • War of the Spanish Succession

    War of the Spanish Succession
    In 1706 there was a war fought by Austria, England, the Netherlands, and Prussia against France and Spain, arising from disputes about the succession in Spain after the death of Charles II of Spain.
    (Who will become the next king in Spain)
  • Invention

    In the year 1707 the invention of an orrery was made. This is a mechanical device that illustrated the positions and motions of the planets as well as the moons in the solar system. The inventors names are George Graham and Thomas Tompion. This is an astonishing invention, that is still used today by many astronomers.
  • Slave Revolt

    Slave Revolt
    This is one of the first recorded slave revolts in America, where seven white people were killed in Newton, Long Island NY. Following this rebellion, two black (male) slaves and an Indian slave were hang, and a black woman was burned alive.
  • Medical Discovery

    Medical Discovery
    In 1709 a new medical discovery was founded by a man named Denial Fahrenheit. He had created the alcohol thermometer. This device will take ones body temperature and tell the doctor if you are sick and how sick you may be.