• CRASH Pgs 1 - 12

    Today we read page 1-12. John Coogan, Crash, got his nickname because when he was little he got a football helment and ran into everything, even people. One day Crash saw a new boy, Penn Webb, and started talking to him. He found out infortmation about him and played tricks on him for the next few days. One day Crash offered Penn a chance to play water guns with him. Penn just stared at him and he told Crash that he was a Quaker. Crash was surpirsed, and wondered what a Quaker was.
  • CRASH pages 13-25

    Crash finds out that Penn is a Quaker. He challenges Penn to conests, to see if he will go over to Penn's house for dinner, and although Penn loses, Crash goes anyway. At Penn's house, Crash finds out that Penn has only one toy, a Conestoga wagon. During dinner, Crash wasn't very polite. Also, Crash finds out that the Webbs are vegitarians. At the end of dinner, the Webb's ask Crash if he wants to go to Amish Country with them, he says Ill be watching cartoons, then going to a baseball game.
  • CRASH pages 26 - 37

    Crash's dad doesn't have time to do anything with him because he needs to work seventy hour weeks. Crash put a meatball in a bag and put it on Penn's front porch. Crash made a new friend named Mike Deluca. They both are in seventh grade. There is a girl that they both like who is new. Her name is Jane Forbes. At lunch they got into a food fight. They got caught by an adult. Crash found out that Penn's family is broke.
  • CRASH - pages 38-48

    Crash and Mike were taken to the vice-principal's office. Since it was the first day the principal let them go. When Crash and Mike went to football practice, they saw that Penn was doing cheerleading. After they finshed practice, Crash and Mike went to Crash's house and ordered one large pepperoni pizza. They ate the pizza and Mike went home. Crash's dad let him go out for football. The Crash's mom made cheese steaks for the family.
  • CRASH pages 49 - 57

    For the first time of the year Crash and Mke were pulling pranks on Penn Web. After that Crash and Mike were messing with each other and got into a fight during football practice. Then after that they saw Jane helping Penn clean out his sneakers. Then Mike saw something so they went out in the kichen to see what it was and they found out it was a mouse.