By sirpolo
  • Period: to

    austrlaias history

  • eyropean exploration : dutch

    eyropean exploration : dutch
    First Europeans to sail to Australia were the Dutch (Netherlands)
  • european exploration :british

    Captain James c00k sailed ar0und Australia
  • european exploration

    British prisoners settled in Australia
  • boundries

    G0vernment 0fficials set b0undaries for the c0l0nies that are still in place t0day
  • new south wales

    British transp0rted pris0ners to Australia till 1868
  • commonwealth of australia

    The commonwealth of Australia was established
    restricted migration to people primarily of European descent
    – This was dismantled after the Second World War
  • commonwealth of australia

    Canberra was completed
  • aborigines

    Federal gov began to passing legislator to help the aborigines
  • australia today

    Australia act: all legal ties with the British empire were severed
  • australia today

    55% of voters rejected the idea of becoming an independent republic