• First Europeans

    First Europeans
    In 1606, the Dutch(the Netherlands) were the first Europeans to sail to Australia. When they got there, they were attacked by a group of Aborigines then the Dutch fled.
  • Britain's Hero

    Britain's Hero
    Captain James Cook sailed around Australia, giving good accurate maps of Australia. He was a very asertive man who forced the Aborigines to give the land to them.

    British Prisoners settled in Australia because Great Britain knew that the prisoners couldn't survive the water surrounding Australia or the steaming scorching desert.
  • The Boundaries for Australia

    The Boundaries for Australia
    In 1861, the boundaries for Australia were made with names like Western Australia and Southern Australia- not very creative names....
  • No Prisoners!

    No Prisoners!
    The government for Great Britain stopped sending prisoners to Australia. One of the prisons is called Port Arbor and it's very haunted.
  • Commonwealth of Australia

    Commonwealth of Australia
    In 1901, the Commonwealth of Australia was established
  • Canberra

    Canberra was completed as the capital of Australia!
  • Help Aborigines

    Help Aborigines
    In 1967, the Australian Government gave rights to the Aborigines. They gave them land, but the really hot and deserty land.
  • Cutting Ties

    Cutting Ties
    On February 7, 1986, the Australians cut their bond with Great Britain. They still do many clutures the UK does though.
  • Being a Democracy

    Being a Democracy
    55% voters voted no to be a democracy in Australia. Guess they really like having a queen and a prime minister!